European VAT registration

Every company in European Union must receipt the certificate of EU VAT (Value-added tax) registration, but all EU members have its own rules and tax rates. Thus, if you provide business in various EU countries you should know taxation in each of them. VAT rates are varying in the EU members, from 17% to 27%, but rules of taxation and registration are standard for every EU member and applied in each of them.

What is EU VAT register?

VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) include all register information about the company by its VAT ID number. EU VAT is paid by customers from every purchasing of goods and services in EU. It charged by every entity and company, which provides those services and goods selling. But it doesn’t apply on export to non-EU country-members.

A foreign trader has to register a local VAT number in EU country member for such operations:

  • Any purchases and sales of goods (including online transactions) and their holding in warehouses in that EU country;
  • Importing goods to that EU country;
  • Holding a conference, exposition or training if there is a fee per entrance;
  • Some other situations of the service provision.

Thus, even if don’t reside in EU country but provide some goods and services then you need to get EU VAT registration number in this country immediately.

One of the easiest countries for VAT registration and business conducting is Poland. And if you want to try international trade in EU we advise you to choose this country to start your business activity in Europe.

Poland’s VAT rate varies according to the type of goods and services that are traded:

  • 23% – a standard rate;
  • 8% – a reduced rate for certain services: passenger transport, communal services, some agricultural services, equipment for pharmacy and medicine, social building, catering and restaurants, some newspapers and magazines;
  • 5% – a reduced rate for: some foodstuff (bread, poultry, meat, fish), fruit juices, some books, newspapers and magazines;
  • 0% – zero rates for international passenger transport.

The companies with annual turnover less than 11,500 EUR don’t need to register VAT number. Every other company must apply for Polish VAT registration in the Tax Office.

Support for EU VAT registration

Our team performs comprehensive support of company formation in Poland, including business registration in the tax authorities. We can prepare all set of documents, do all required paperwork, register your company and pay all state duties. And of course, we advise you on the tax features and doing business in Poland to protect you from violations of the legislation.

Feel free to contact us for consultation and convenient VAT registration in EU!


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