Mergers & Acquisitions in Poland

Many companies turn to Oruga Group when they are looking for a quick and efficient way to transform their business. From purchasing or divesting products, working on supply chains, to entering (or exiting) new markets, we are there to help.

Globalization has placed new pressures on businesses around the globe, and Oruga Group can help them to remain innovative and profitable, no matter what is happening in regards to market trends and/or fluctuations in the economy.

That said, Oruga Group transactions come with their own set of challenges, especially when they take place across international borders and/or in fast-growing markets. Many of our clients are wondering, ‘have we done enough due diligence?’ ‘How much risk are we assuming?’ ‘Are we risking our reputation?’ ‘What about merger clearance – will we get it?’ In order to ask these questions, as well as prepare for regulatory and antitrust issues that truly require expert counsel.

Our team of expert lawyers work with clients from the beginning to the end of a transaction, helping to prepare a business for sale, ensuring that due diligence has been performed, and all aspects of the purchase agreement. We are skilled at coordinating all closing tasks across jurisdictions around the world, ensuring that all operations run smoothly during the process. From your initial inquiries to the final closing duties, we are experts at every step of the process. 

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