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We are a law firm in Poland, our team provides customers with a full range of services in various legal fields. Our primary directions are corporate legislation and companies’ initiation. The staff of our firm includes sophisticated experts from the major legal spheres. They’re experienced in the cooperation with national and international organizations managing their business inside Poland.

Our team offers services in the following fields:

  • proprietary law
  • corporate law
  • legal options for financial organizations (such as banks)
  • competition law, etc.

Our Polish law firm supports the investors at every stage of company set up and following activity. We help them initiate an opening phase, complete the recruiting phase (if required), and solve any kind of business/commercial conflicts. Besides, we’re ready to provide you with expert support if you feel that your business is not profitable anymore. Our specialists offer assistance during the bankruptcy stage.

We apply a personalized approach to each customer emphasizing their needs and working considering the peculiarities of every legal conflict and business sphere of a customer-company. We guarantee all legal issues will be handled in accordance with the current law, customer’s requirements, and interests.

Business Law Firm in Poland

We’re glad to provide the clients with the best services:

The formation of a firm. The attorneys working in our company are able to make the company initiation much faster and easier. We offer support in the organization of a firm and obtaining the corresponding licenses and permissions. Besides, our experts help merge, acquire or even close any company down.

Employment law. Our professional team is ready to consult you in the questions connected to the employees. We also offer support and assistance in all issues connected with the contract law.

Taxation law. If you initiate a company in Poland, it’s required to understand the principles of taxation. Our specialists will assist business people in any tax issues.

A full description of our services is presented below.

Our specialists also offer the customers professional legal consultations in Poland concerning any legal issue. Now we’re going to give you full information on the key services provided for our customers.

The most important business organization services

Our law company in Poland provides a great number of services, which are required for the foundation of a firm inside the country. We offer support in the selection of various kinds of structures available in Poland for the creation of the exact type of business a client requires. There are also additional options available:

  • domiciliation of a firm
  • accounting services
  • incorporation, etc.

Our experts offer their help in corporate restructuring including support in the search of the right legal solutions for different problems. We’re ready to help build a safe restructuring strategy and to deal with the court-appointed restructuring procedures.

When any international firm wants to enter the market of Poland, it is faster and easier using branches & subsidiaries. Such structures are subordinated to a parent firm. At the same time, a branch isn’t an independent legal body, while a subsidiary is. The specialists of our team will provide the clients with detailed information concerning those issues.

The experts are also ready to support the customers in obtaining any legal documents required for the smart and legitimate control of the business. Every firm has its peculiarities, which is why the licenses required are also different depending on the area. Our company has already assisted plenty of firms in obtaining any possible documentation, such as:

  • local authorities’ permits
  • requirements to hire a Polish national
  • licenses for the conduct of financial activities, etc.

The support of experienced lawyers is always required when it concerns the restructuration or shares purchase in other organizations. The specialists can give you useful advice and provide a representation of transactions of high significance influencing the corporate environment. It is vital to make certain all the actions fulfilled correspond to the current legislation. Relying on our lawyers, you will enjoy lots of advantages thanks to the great experience and personalized consultations for any merging/acquiring activities.

Disintegration & Liquidation of firms with the support of the attorneys

Making a decision to close your business, it’s important to make certain that all the documents are handled in the right way and the procedures prescribed by the law are regarded. The professionals of our firm provide assistance in dissolution and bankruptcy procedures for any kind of clients.

The Key Taxation Planning Services

There are benefits & deductions, which are created by the Government for international investors, who would like to initiate their firms in Poland. An experienced specialist, who knows Polish taxation principles and legal ways of lowering corporate taxes, will allow saving lots of time and cash. Our experts are ready to create a personal taxation strategy for every customer.

Employment & Contract Law in Poland

All the business people working in Poland and hiring staff are to understand and regard the Labor legislation. The main issues of the latest include:

  • work process regulations
  • remuneration
  • template for contracts
  • the benefits for workers
  • foreigner’s employment
  • the manner of trade unions functioning, etc.

You can discuss all those issues with our experienced lawyers and get competent help in any possible problems. The experts will support the clients in contract drawing up and make certain that the company signs agreements, which are drafted in accordance with the law (in other words, the clauses and paragraphs don’t impede the firm or don’t work for the other side’s benefit).

In addition, our Polish lawyers provides the customers with support in the issues, which are connected to real estate purchasing, banking, finances, intellectual property, and information security.

Give us a call or write to us today, and get your business solution in Poland.

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