Company Formation in Poland

Establishment of a private company in Poland is a great chance to discover all the advantages and prospects of entrepreneurship in the EU. There are no customs duties, and besides such an important bonus, there are plenty of other benefits in the market relations between EU members.

✓ Social guarantees, simplification of temporary residence permit and permanent residence permit procedure, possible visa-free regime on the EU territory, as well as the purchase of movable and immovable property on favorable terms - all this will help you to settle in and feel comfortable, even as a temporary resident. 

✓ Director of a Polish company may be a foreigner, and you may choose employees of business for yourself, according to your mentality and appropriate for your professional requirements. Your company in Poland will bring the real profit with minimal investment and a positive business climate.

✓ Company registration in Poland takes about 2-3 weeks, the registration procedure is transparent. Business activities in this economically developed country imply minimum legal troubles, and the government encourages the infusion into the economy from the outside.

✓ Based on the amount of the initial capital and interests of future consumers, you are free to choose the optimal format of activity for yourself: small, medium or large-scale business.       

✓ The small-scale business has been currently holding the leading position in Poland. It is more flexible and can quickly find a profitable niche in the market of goods or services. In addition to small-scale business, it can be conducted in Poland in the form of funds, partnerships, trade unions, societies and corporations. 

✓ It is easy to establish your own company in Poland if you deal with a team of knowledgeable professionals, because juridical relationship and document management have their own characteristics in each country. Sometimes being confident in your ability is not enough, and it is better to seek the support of competent lawyers, financial analysts and consultants on immigration matters. 


The Oruga Group Company provides comprehensive support at every stage of setting up a company in Poland.

Our company provides a full range of business services for execution, registration and re-registration of legal entities, foreign representative offices, departments and branches in Poland. 

We register all available forms of companies in Poland, the most popular of which is a Limited Liability Company.

Company formation in Poland include:

  1. Preparation of the articles of association;
  2. Drafting documentation for the company formation;
  3. Notary services (notary company formation);
  4. Preparation and submission of required documents to the incorporation authority;
  5. Receipt of certificate of registration (statement from the State Court Register) - KRS;
  6. Registration in tax authorities (NIP);
  7. Receipt of certificate of VAT number, tax identification number VAT EU;
  8. Registration in the Social Insurance Fund (ZUS);
  9. Registration in the Statistical Department and receipt of REGON number;
  10. Assistance in applying for a bank account;
  11. Consulting;

Prices for LLC in Poland

Starting from 998 euro - electronic (online company formation).
Registration takes 10 working days. 

Starting from 1196 euro - notary company formation.
Registration takes 3-5 weeks. 

Company registration, both notary and electronic, can be done without personal participation, on the basis of power of attorney

Notary registration enables to make changes in the articles of association;

  • Represent a Limited Liability Company as one of shareholders.
  • Non-cash contributions for company's nominal capital.
  • Qualified majority voting at shareholders meeting, etc.

Electronic company registration in Poland does not enable to make changes in the articles of association - there is only a standardized model available.

Additional information:

  1. The minimal authorized capital stipulated by law is 5000 PLN (about 1.250 EUR).
  2. The costs of company registration "on a turnkey basis"  (up to 3 founders) with the minimum authorized capital - the price includes the whole necessary set of documents and a legal address with the postal service paid for the year ahead, the authorized capital is not included (as tendered fictitiously) .
  3.  There are no restrictions on the nationality of founders and executives of the company.
  4.  You can be registered as a legal entity with the personal presence of the founders, and excluding the personal presence - on the basis of powers of attorney.
  5.  We provide all samples of documents.
  6.  We offer a choice of several legal addresses with the postal service.
  7.  We issue a permit to work for board members.
  8.  We register companies in all regions of Poland

We also provide services of changes in the Polish company;

  • Excursion of the authorized capital
  • Change of the number of members/founders
  • Change of the legal entity’s name
  • Change of the registered office
  • Change of CEO
  • Change of the composition of executives
  • Addition of new business (commercial) activities
  • Change of the type of business (commercial) activity

If you are interested in buying a ready-made company in Poland or planning to establish a new company, we guarantee that the registration process or purchase of the company will not only be more efficient but also more secure with the help of Oruga Group sales specialists. 

Qualified specialists will answer all your questions and offer favorable cooperation terms.
Give us a call or write to us today, and get your business solution in Poland & European Union.

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Call: + 48 606 332 808

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