Purchase Shelf Companies In Poland

Acquisition of a ready-made business in Poland is definitely one of the most popular decisions. The risks will be minimal, because you will have to improve the initiated business and won’t have to take the path to success from scratch. With Oruga Group, you will get expert help in choosing the best option among the promising businesses in your field (trade, hotel business, tourism, auto services, fast food industry, health and beauty, etc.).

A Shelf Company is a corporation that has been left dormant businesswise since its creation. To check the list of available shelf companies click HERE

We will provide you with a list of current offers, according to all the criteria and calculate all the potential costs of the purchase. 

An occupied niche in the European market, an accumulated customer database, already-hired employees and an ability to work from the first minute and save money on initial steps are the advantages of such a decision.

Purchase and sale of business in Poland is one of the priority directions of the Oruga Group Company. Based on years of experience, we have developed an effective scheme of interaction with customers; as a result, you will be able to get a successful business within a short period and make it even more prosperous in the future.

You can find out about the cost of services related to purchase and sale of business in Poland by getting a personal consultation with our managers. In order to conduct your business activity in Poland, you can immigrate to Poland, or work in your home country and have control of your company from there. 

Shelf company in Poland

We provide sales of already-registered companies in Poland.

We offer the following types of companies:

  1. New companies without any tax or credit history, 
  2. Companies with business turnover (audited) and history,
  3. Companies with assets & properties,
  4. Operating companies & ready-made business.

The most common form of company is LLC

To get a portfolio of ready-made companies, please send us a request. Our specialists will contact you and advise on the purchase of the selected type of company.

We provide a full range of business services, support of business projects, as well as licenses for certain types of business and work permits for foreign directors of Polish companies.

Depending on the purpose that you need a company in Poland for, you can choose the most appropriate option.

We should note the following priorities of the acquisition: exisiting VAT registration number, statistical number REGON, confirmation of registration by the state registry. Date of company registration is also important in terms of business relations and funding.

You can start your business immediately after signing the sales agreement of a company and solve all the legal formalities related to the purchase of the company in one day.

You can change any company's data. The cost of changes depends on their quantity. If you need more detailed information about the above-mentioned formalities, it is available at the section “Change of legal entities" at the Registration of legal entities services.

The cost of ready-made companies in Poland. 

Sale services of legal entities in Poland:

  1. Preparation and submission of required documents 
  2.  Notary services
  3. Translation services
  4. Legal support
  5. Assistance in opening a bank account
  6. Consulting

Prices - start from 2000 euro Changes to the statute are not included. 

  1. The cost does not include the statutory fund
  2. The cost of changes depends on the number of board members and founders, and  quantity of other changes, such as an increase in the share capital, changes to the statute.
  3. The cost does not include virtual office charges.

After notarial re-registering of the company, you can immediately begin operating in Poland and the European Union. 

Re-registering takes about 2-3 hours, depending on the number of shareholders.

If you are interested in buying a ready-made company in Poland or planning to set up a new company, we guarantee that the registration process or purchase of the company will not only be more efficient but also more secure with the help of Oruga Group sale specialists. 

Qualified specialists will answer all your questions and offer favorable cooperation terms.

Give us a call or write to us today, and get your business solution in Poland.
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