Business For Sale in Poland

At Oruga Group, we have a team of legal experts that handle corporate matters such as mergers, equity purchases and asset transfers of every kind for our clients.

Our lawyers also represent our clients during negotiations for the purchase of companies involved in a wide range of industries not limited to real estate, financial, manufacturing, media and travel industries amongst others. Our company lawyers have also handled matters for our clients during hostile takeovers including tender offers and proxy contests.

We are highly proficient in matters relating to security regulation and tax structuring. We also have a great deal of experience in tackling issues regarding real estate, intellectual property, information technology and the environment. Furthermore, we have acquired a great deal of knowledge about the industry. Therefore, we are confident of giving our clients the best professional advice that will be highly effective in the day to day running of their companies.

Corporate transactions are usually complicated. We may not know the result of these transactions, but a huge understanding of the legal process and utilising this knowledge during negotiation is very important. Our team is capable of handling almost every business issues ranging from leveraged buy-outs to divestitures, strategic alliances, defensive planning, joint ventures and acquisitions of different extents.

We assist our customers in all phases of the business cycle during a merger which could fail or succeed eventually. Such mergers can be small start-ups or large firms.

Ready made company in Poland

Ready made company in Poland is one of the most popular business acquisition activities. A company that has been around for a long time will have a higher reputation than a company that was just set up recently. Investors often prefer to purchase Polish ready made companies with more than one year old to start their businesses in European market. What's more, these ready made Polish companies have bank accounts, which allows you to start business immediately after the purchase. 

At Oruga Group, we have a wide range of Polish ready made companies for sale, covering business activities such as import & export, contraction, financial services, consulting services, agricultural, real estate, manufacturing, etc. 

What's more, there are also Polish companies fully equipped with great history and operational supports awaiting for investors to take on their ownership and strike for success in the European business market, especcilay good for import & export business. Investors will receive the following after the acquisition:

  •  Company with long positive history
  •  Polish trademark
  •  Company website
  •  VAT and EORI
  •  Bank account
  •  Great reputation in Europe

Contact us for all available business acquisitions in Poland, and find the business to purchase that suits you the most. Our team of experts present you with tailor-made business solution to succeed in Poland and EU.

Qualified specialists will answer all your questions and offer favorable cooperation terms.
Give us a call or write to us today, and get your business solution in Poland & European Union.

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