Virtual Office in Poland

Virtual office is one of the most convenient ways to register your business in Poland and European Union. 

In the basic form, virtual office space is about registering an address where the business formation is located. Renting a virtual office in Warsaw or any other city may serve as a safe starting point for any business activity. Basically, virtual working space allows to distinguish between the private and social sphere; thus, leaving the private residential address for oneself, and registering the business under the different address.

The option of registering a virtual office is mainly suitable for:

  1. Business formations looking for additional address or working space without actual physical presence.
  2. Entrepreneurs and investors launching new business projects.
  3. Foreign entrepreneurs who want to start business in Poland without renting an office space.

Overall, the virtual office space is the perfect solution for small and large formations, as well as people who operate their business from the remote location but are still interested in expanding to more serious business environment.

Advantages of a virtual office in Poland

Renting an office space in Poland requires high expenses. Also, arranging the whole working facility is a time-consuming process. Furher, a virtual office simply eliminates above mentioned concerns, and provides additional features allowing to work from any location, without referring to the office.

Let’s be more specific and try to determine the major benefits of renting a virtual office in Poland:

  1. Registered business address at business centers or other large buildings without actual need to rent office space there;
  2. Reception services allowing to receive post to the business address;
  3. Communication services by means of call centers, voice mail, live phone receptions and some other communication methods;
  4. Meeting or conference rooms that are available on demand; 
  5. Opportunity to set up registered office in Warsaw or any other city on the territory of Poland;
  6. Cost effective even for small businesses;
  7. Official registration in the Official Business Register;
  8. Opportunity to develop business in one of the strongest economies in the European Union.

The future business perspectives of virtual offices space

Talking about the traditional methods of business organization, they are slowly disappearing.  Internet resources are changing the way we manage business and interact with our clients and partners. A virtual office is a great opportunity to establish business in a more professional way. It allows to cover the larger market sector by gaining the clients and partners from all over the world without actual need of physical presence. 

Recent statistics demonstrate that the companies with well-established virtual office space reach higher revenues and annual income within shorter period of time than by having usual office facilities. The national government encourages foreign investors to set up virtual offices and rent legal address in Poland, as it is the best way to reduce documentation and taxes usually expected from non-resident entrepreneurs.

How to conduct business from virtual office In Poland?

Since clients cannot reach you personally, it may seem confusing how the business is going to be conducted. In fact, everything can be done online, including an office meeting, a business conference or a training.

In order to open a virtual office in Warsaw or any other Polish city, it is enough to choose the exact location, complete the registration form and provide some identity documents. A virtual office in Poland goes along with an economically stable location with a large market share and numerous business opportunities. There are lots of rental registered addresses in Warsaw and other Polish cities, what can give your business an edge.

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