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Our company

We are Business Formation and Immigration Experts. We make moving and setting up your business in Poland stress-free, professional and seamless. What makes us different? Oruga Group specialises in providing services in fields like finance, acquisitions, investment, business registration and emigration into Europe; we operate with different people from private individuals to top organisational players. For this, we always do all it takes to stay professional, keeping our skills and manner of approach updated. We strive to keep our services effective and efficient keeping you, our customer in mind and tailoring our services to meet your needs, providing good legal support and effective solutions to your commercial need also.

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10 years of Industry Expertise

For over 10 years, our organisation has been running and setting up several business operations in Poland. We have gathered enough experience in doing this that you can be sure that setting up your business operations using our service will be stress-free, cost-effective and time-saving. You can also be sure that from the setting up of your operations till its conclusion we will be there to give our full support in every single one of your project management activities.  

Every information necessary for this project, we will provide. So many companies looking to set up in Poland have benefitted immensely from our bountiful experience because we are not just concerned about the legal operations and documentation involved in setting up your business, but we also look out for suitable locations that will best suit your business needs. This is why our services have been sort after over the years.

Our business scopes

We are committed to providing professionalism in our services and confidentiality is no exception. We keep our service as confidential as possible, particularly our investor-related services. We have consultants ready to supply you with all necessary information you require that concerns regulatory standards for industries, taxes and the legal system in Poland.

We even go ahead to link you up with financial or business partners that you can work with and also provide you with the appropriate financial package for investment. Should you need to schedule meetings, then we are out to help with the coordination to making it a successful one. You can be sure that your meetings will be kept discreet.

Our services are listed below:

  • Legal guidance and counsel; administrative, tax as well as civil law
  • Sourcing licenses for operations in Poland
  • Handling Business immigration in Poland
  • Full registration of companies and support in its formation.
  • Management of Investments
  • We also offer other services like:
  • Negotiations 
  • Property investment and management
  • Investment counselling
  • Accounting services and business management
  • Real estate management
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Why choose us

Why choose us

Why Call Us?

We are highly qualified and well-trained professionals. This means you do not need to worry about our level of competence. Not only are we experts at what we do, but we have the capacity of handling everything you require and save you the hassle of running around from one consultant to the other. Working with us gives you peace of mind. All we expect from you is to sit back and let us do our job.
We are relatively cheaper seeing that we offer a wide range of services and can be subsidised to make it even more affordable for you. 

Work with Us
Here at Oruga Group, we put our customers’ needs first, and it is, for this reason, we offer a complete range of business setup services as well as immigration licensing and documentation services in Poland.