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Our company

ORUGA GROUP provides professional services in finance sphere, investments, acquisitions, business registration, as well as business immigration to Europe.Our specialists operate independent consulting activities for a variety of market participants - from individuals to corporate giants - providing professionalism at the highest level in carrying out trades as well as in seeking different ways to increase our client's profit. 
Our team guarantees an individual approach, up-to-date commercial solutions and high-quality legal support of performed operations.
Our team of industry experts will assist you in setting up your operations in Poland.

We support your project management activities from the earliest stages of your expansion strategy. We provide you with all of the industry information you need – covering everything from key markets and related supply and application sectors. Foreign companies profit from our rich experience in identifying the business locations which best meet their specific investment criteria. We help turn your requirements into concrete investment site proposals; providing consulting services to ensure you make the right location decision. We coordinate meetings with potential partners, universities, and other institutes active in the industry. Our team of consultants is at hand to provide you with the relevant background information on Polish’s tax and legal system and industry regulations. Our experts help you create the appropriate financial package for your investment and put you in contact with suitable financial partners. All of our investor-related services are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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Our company was founded in 2009 under the name of Polish Estate. At first we specialized in Polish real estate business. Over time, we began to introduce additional services and expand activities to the company, and at the beginning of 2012 we changed our company name to ORUGA GROUP.

Our business scopes

- Legal support: administrative, tax and civil law
- Company registration / formation
- Shelf companies / ready-made company
- Business immigration to Poland
- Licenses for activities in Poland
- Investment assistance and management
- Franchising offers
- Accountancy services
- Business and property management 
- Commercial real estate
- Property investment consulting
- Investment
- Business selling
- Negotiations
- Asset management

We are proud to work with companies
who change the rules of the game

Why choose us

Why choose us

Today, every thriving business man is aware of the fact that successful implementation of any business idea primarily depends on optimization of the efforts made. When you need to work on a project extensively and this requires involvement of several specialists of different profiles, it is more expedient to find a single multifunctional provider and bring him up to date than tellimg each new person involved in the project about the task. The advantage of working with a provider of comprehensive services:

  • You do not have to spend time on organizing and controlling the interaction of all the specialists involved;
  • You do not have to check the level of their qualifications and their existing practical experience;
  • You are guaranteed against untimely performance of work;
  • You are guaranteed against any negative outcomes;
  • You get an access to a wide range of business services; purchasing them in aggregate at wholesale will cost you less than separately.

Why our work format is relevant for all types of business

Regardless of the scale of business activity, both individuals and large corporations are eager to save on their expenses, as this is the same way to increase the capital as direct profit earning from one's business. The work concept of the company Oruga Group is precisely about providing the most complete range of services, in order to save time and money of the client. We propose a rational and balanced approach to solving business problems of the most varied nature:

  • Law (legal and notarial support, representation of one's interests, etc.);
  • Business registration (as well as purchase and sale transactions of ready-made companies);
  • Consulting and auditing;
  • Commercial real estate (all procedures of buying / selling and leasing);
  • Business immigration (working within the framework of all existing programs in the Poland);
  • Investment in Poland;
  • Legalization of activities (licenses, certificates, quality-marking)

The specific character of our work consists in our individual special attention paid to each client. 

You will find a multifunctional assistant in the person of Oruga Group who solves all sorts of business problems that will give you an opportunity to order the whole required package of services rendered by a single provider, as well as guarantees of high-quality European service. Following the European traditions from the beginning to the end, we aspire to render not only the service you need today, but also provide for all the future needs of your business for its consistent prosperity.

Our representative and partner network allows us to work both in the CIS countries and in Europe, on comfortable terms (in live contact mode or remotely). You can find out more details about terms of cooperation and the full list of services provided by the contacts listed on our website.