International Commercial & Trade

Are you having problems with creating, distributing and selling goods and services in certain markets around the world? Despite an increased sense of openness to trade, problems like these are a common problem in today’s global market. More and more, international trade sanctions, customs laws, exchange controls and foreign investment requirements are limiting how and when companies such as yours can do business. Thankfully, we can help.

Our International Commercial & Trade lawyers are here to assist clients like you as you strive to overcome these challenges and harness the power of developed and emerging markets around the world – and every market in between. Our wealth of experience has led us to become a world-renowned advisor to companies in a variety of sectors;

  • including financial services,
  • technology,
  • industrial & construction,
  • energy companies,
  • and pharmaceuticals.

We create bespoke sourcing, manufacturing and distribution solutions that enable our clients to succeed in the increasingly competitive world markets. In addition to these vital services, we also help our clients choose, monitor and manage their dealings with the different stakeholders in their supply chains, including third-party suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and sales agents. 

Every member of our legal team is fully versed in WTO, regulatory and commercial laws, and we are able to answer any questions that might arise. In order to provide a full range of services, we are able to provide advice on all compliance issues,

  • including trade sanctions,
  • anti-corruption,
  • import controls,
  • and anti-bribery.

We are knowledgeable around all issues surrounding commercial contracts, product liability and recalls, labeling requirements for all products, and sales promotion/ marketing rules for dozens of countries. We know that these issues can feel overwhelming for business owners, and that is why our esteemed team is focused on simplifying complex trade requirements, letting you get back to the important task of running your business.


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