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The best place in the EU - Reason to choose Poland.
Foreign investors are fascinated by Poland for many reasons. Many international reports say that the country remains stable for many years, it boasts with an educated and competent workforce and a huge internal market. While many developed countries had difficulties when dealing with the economic slump, Poland became stronger. Foreign businessmen are ready to invest their money in Poland being sure their investments will be safe. Travelers are impressed by the country’s cordiality and openness, Poland’s culture, and nature.

The country is one of the largest markets in Europe.  Poland has a favorable geographical position which makes it easy to transport goods to any European country from here. Also, Poland partners with many countries, including Russia, Ukraine, several EU member states, and China. IT companies, R&D centers, scientific institutions are eager to hire well-educated Polish professionals in various fields. Every year, more and more young people graduate from local universities.

The country owes its grows to the firm economic foundation. It was the only EU country which was not touched by the global economic slump and managed to evade decline. The development rates are among the highest in Europe. Each year, investment climate becomes more attractive for foreigners. In addition, Poland is a member of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization which guarantees its international safety and thus, makes it even more appealing for foreign businessmen.

Businessmen from all continents decide to incorporate their companies in Poland. Here is what the most respected organizations say about this country:

  • In 2013, the most favorable country to do business in Europe.
  • In 2013, the country demonstrated better results than a year earlier. The government implemented 4 reforms which made it easier to deal with many business issues.
  • 3rd place in the world in terms of a quality site for production projects.
  • It will soon become the 2nd most appealing country for making investments (Germany is number one). In addition, experts point at the highly competent employees, attractive business environment, transparent taxation and legal system. The situation keeps on improving.

Polish government offers foreigner enormous stimulus. Businessmen are encouraged to invest in Special Economic Zones, i.e. areas with special conditions for businessmen.

Poland attracts visitors and sportsmen from different places offering them splendid landscapes, different sports, including those on water and in the mountains. This adds well to the national traditions, culture, and history.

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