Private Equity in Poland

Private Equity is one of the most dynamic and constantly changing industries on the planet, and its laws and requirements necessitate a fast-paced form that can keep up with these demands.

Our expertise spans the entire industry, from initial negotiations to investment restructuring, staying on top of new ordinances to approaching and dealing with market volatility. We have a deep knowledge of the market, paired with private equity experience – this combination enables us to secure our clients the best rates, the right terms, and portfolio strengthening deals. 

We can assist you through every aspect of the investment process:

  •   Initial fund formation,
  •   Refinancing,
  •   Acquisitions
  •   Restructuring and managing your portfolio,
  •   Exit strategies,
  •   Staid and time-tested advice and strategic planning.

Key contact

Direct mobile
+48 606 332 808

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