International Trade

International trade can be confusing for any novice in the industry. That is why we help our clients understand the legal controls that many countries impose of the import/export of goods. If you neglect to follow export control laws and international sanctions, you will potentially face severe consequences. These can include damage to your reputation, fines, and in the worst case scenarios, imprisonment. 

If you want to avoid these consequences, you can trust our International Commercial & Trade lawyers. We work extensively with our clients to make sure that they follow the rapidly changing (and let’s face it, often conflicting) trade regulations that affect their international transactions and business activities. Why turn to us?

We are experts in export controls; 

  • ecurity clearance provisions,
  • VAT/indirect taxes,
  • product safety regulations,
  • strategic sourcing,
  • anti-boycott controls,
  • outbound trade compliance,
  • supply chain security and trade remedies.


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