Business immigration to Poland - first step towards stable future

A dream of an each large and small businessman is an ability of doing business without excess bureaucracy, corruption and different infringements by the government. 

Poland complies with the requirements mentioned above as well as it is a member of the European Union, that is associated by itself with stability and confidence of tomorrow.

This country not accidently attracts businessmen of different "scale" (from sole proprietors to companies) because both have equally acceptable and accessible circumstances of doing business. Immigrant business activity in Poland is regulated by the law of the 2-nd of July 2004 "On freedom of economic activity" and Commercial Companies Code. In accordance with it foreigners are able to realize economic activity in different types of enterprise - not only as a Limited Liability Company or Joint-Stock Company.

In terms of the deposits ratio this company may be fully foreign (all the shares belongs to foreigner) as well as common (part of the shares belongs to Polish citizen, another part - to foreign shareholder).

On the 1-st of May 2014 the "Law on Foreigners" of 12-th of December 2013 has came into force (USTAWA z dnia 12 grudnia 2013 r. o cudzoziemcach"). There are no crucial changes in the new law version, but many points related to immigrant's business activity took more concrete and clear character.

The labor immigration to Poland constantly grows and becomes popular not only among CIS inhabitants because of host's country loyal policy. The policy is simple and fair: if You are able to organize successful business, create job vacancies and do your bit in developing of Polish economy so Polish authorities certainly will be glad to see You here and give obtain You friendly atmosphere for realizing Your business plans. 

Regardless of whether You plan to establish a wide scale industrial production, adjust retail sale of goods or provide different kind of services You have a nice chance multiply Your capital absolutely legally and under the law.

Privileges for foreign businessmen: TRP and PRP 

A lot of people consider business immigration to Poland as a chance to take a root here and become a rightful country Resident besides commercial aims of it. Company formation in Poland gives You an ability to accommodation in its territory: first on the basis of National Visa "D" type (business, work), next, after Your company confirmed business activity by profit, employees hiring etc. you may apply for TRP (Temporary Residence Permit).

Temporary Residence Permit allows foreigners to cross Polish borders with no limits. Moreover, You will be able to stay in other Schengen Area countries up to 90 days during each 6 months that is obvious advantage. It should be noted that Polish National Visa is given only to members of a Board of Directors, but no to shareholders. It is given based on the Work Permit that may be two types of it - preferential and governor's. 

Costs and terms of business immigration to Poland

Price for Temporary Residence Permit issuing services is - Upon request

In case of applying more than 1 set of documents we offer discount for our services. You may apply for Residence Permit not earlier than after 6 months after immigration to Poland. In this time Your enterprise must show certain turnovers for getting TRP by shareholders.

Children may get TRP on the basis of their parents documents. Average terms of issuing takes 3 months (2 month for case issuing and 2-4 weeks for card producing)

We are glad to offer You full service spectrum that is necessary for successful immigration to Poland and Your further legal residence on its territory by full-scale supporting an every single client.

Oruga Group team offers You next services:

  • 1. Verification of ability and basis to get residence permit or work permit for company owners, directors and staff.
  • 2. Actions optimization and consulting for achievement of aims in maximum short terms.
  • 3. Help in getting permissions, references, certifications as well as in sworn translates making.
  • 4. Prepare complete list of documents that must be submitted to the local administration in Polish language.
  • 5. Submitting, registration of application and complete list of documents to the local administration.
  • 6. Making state duties payments
  • 7. Informing at each stage of cooperation up to moment of getting Residence Permit or Work Permit.

In accordance with Polish legislation foreign nationals may prolong Temporary Residence Permit each year in case of having basics for that. First time You will get residence permit for 1 - 3 year, the next prolongation allows you to stay in the country during 2 years. After 5-year ongoing residence in Poland You may apply for getting Permanent Residence Permit - PRP.

If you are interested in a business immigration to Poland and You have questions about this procedure and about every single step of this process, we will be glad to tell You about it in details. You can also send an e-mail to an address in the contact.

Give us a call or write to us today, and get information about business immigration to Poland.
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"Please be noted that WE DO NOT provide work permit application services in Poland"



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