How to obtain a temporary residence permit in Poland

Temporary residence in Poland (TRP) is your chance to reside in the country for more than three months, have an official job or start a business here as well as travel across EU without visas. The permit can be granted for three years the longest.

Who can obtain a Polish temporary residence?

To get the permit, a foreigner must demonstrate strong reasons for their stay in the country. For example:

  1. Work or study in Poland.
  2. Being involved in activities which demand high skills.
  3. Being sent to Poland by a foreign employer.
  4. Incorporating a company in Poland.
  5. Conducting an academic research or studying at a pre-university program.
  6. Being a victim of human trafficking who lives in the country.
  7. Willingness to reunite with a citizen of an EU state who resides in Poland.

Certainly, this is not the full list of reasons to get a Polish temporary residence card and you may display your own circumstances.

How to apply

Foreigners are invited to submit an application form together with the documents supporting their reasons for getting Poland temporary residence in the Office for Foreigners in one of the Voivodeship Offices. They must do the fingerprints in person.

If the application is completed correctly and the Voivode has no additional questions to the applicant, he puts a stamp in the foreigner’s passport which confirms that the documents were accepted. It gives the individual a legal right to reside in the country until they get a positive answer or in case of a negative answer, until the decision upon an appeal is known (if the foreigner submits an appeal).

Note that the stamp does not give you the right to travel across Europe and if you leave Poland, you will need a visa to re-enter the country.

How long does it take to get an answer regarding TRP?

After filing the documents and receiving the confirmation stamp, a foreigner has to wait for about 3-6 months if the case is complicated.

An appeal procedure takes one month as well, sometimes more till all circumstances are checked.

Reasons for a denial

Polish authorities can deny a request for a temporary residence of Poland in the following situations:

  1. you have a status of EU resident;
  2. you have a Schengen visa allowing you to be in Poland for humanitarian reasons;
  3. you are allowed to stay in the country because it is your asylum or you are in a refugee status;
  4. you already have a residence permit for a shorter period but you have obtained it under different circumstances;
  5. you are being sued or go to prison;
  6. you don’t live in Poland;
  7. you can’t provide fingertips.

Legal consultants specializing at immigration issues can analyze the possibilities opened to you and offer the best solution on how to get a TRP in Poland.

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