When a deal comes to a close, we understand that the work is just getting started. That’s why we place a great deal of importance on post-acquisition integration. With our vast market expertise, global networks and strong knowledge base, we are able to help our clients after the deal has been signed in order to increase the certainty of the deal and lower costs as much as possible in order to make good on the transactional values promised to shareholders.

Our lawyers have extensive experience providing advice to international companies during the post-acquisition process. We have seen that some companies attempt to integrate too hastily; they simply did not give enough thought to the best and most tax efficient ways to go about the integration process, or how their array of products and services (both their original offerings and those that are newly acquired) will fit into their overall strategies. Still other companies delay their integration processes for far too long, and they miss out on valuable opportunities and lose out on the positive impact that a swift merger can have on their culture and employees. 

Our team is made up of an interdisciplinary group of lawyers from across our tax, corporate, employment, data privacy, and intellectual property practices. Many of them are dedicated solely to implementing these kinds of mergers and reorganizations, and they are on hand to assist with establishing clear goals from the very start of the process. This makes the transaction swift and clear, and helps to establish set objectives from the beginning, preventing problems that would otherwise need to be addressed at a later time. This system not only protects the buyer now, but in the future as well. 


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