When it comes to planning and carrying out strategic alliances and joint ventures, our Mergers & Acquisitions lawyers are known as industry leaders. We have years of experience completing deals such as these, and we know what clients are looking for:

  • Experienced, sage advice about joint venture strategies,
  • Risk management experience across all jurisdictions,
  • An increase in deal certainty,
  • A capability to harness the most strategic and economic benefits of any partnership.

We are skilled and experienced across all stages of joint venture and strategic alliance transactions. We begin with creating a structured partnership, and then move on to planning tax strategies. Next, we move on to multijurisdictional considerations, as well as director liabilities and equity participation. Our team offers bespoke guidance on ideal operational and governance structures that have been fully customized based on their specific goals. In addition to this, we help to develop effective exit and termination strategies.

All of our clients receive full briefings and advice about any and all antitrust, intellectual property, technology, real property, trade, and other compliance and regulatory matters. We are dedicated to helping our clients overcome their most difficult challenges in order to fully benefit from their joint ventures and strategic alliances.


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