Shelf company in Poland

Polish shelf company is a suitable and time-saving solution for entrepreneurs who want to commence business in Europe immediately. This is already made company that has everything necessary for conducting business and to become a Polish investor in a couple of days. As a rule, the establishment of business in Poland is quite long and grueling process.

While the government of Poland is doing its best to ease the conditions for starting a business in this country, it still takes not less than a month to open a new company, and indeed is necessitating a familiarity with Polish law.

In the same time, on the Polish shelf company market is a quite wide selection of a ready-made business that built just as well as your own.

Advantages of acquiring a shelf company for sale in Poland

Starting a business in Poland by purchasing a ready-made business is very popular. Thousands of foreigners who values their own time prefer to confide to professionals and let them seek an appropriate solution for their first company in Europe.

And no wonder, since acquiring of a shelf company has so many benefits:

  1. Time savings. As mentioned, purchasing a shelf company you can reduce a few-months registration period to several days. And this time may be critical for people who have ability and willingness to build a successful business in EU just now.
  2. Money savings. Establishment of a company in Poland can be really costly. However, purchasing of ready-made business costs much cheaper, thus it’s an affordable solution for people who count their money, as well.
  3. Any company options to choose from. Shelf company market may offer you a wide range of ready-made companies. You can choose business by size, location, registration type (LLC, Limited Partnership or Limited Partnership with shares).
  4. No presence in the country. There's no need for company owner's personal presence in the country. All procedures can be provided by power of attorney.

How to buy Polish shelf company

Oruga Group team consist of experienced lawyers who can offer you a qualified support on all stages of ready-made company purchasing. Contacting us, you will receive comprehensive assistance in:

  1. Notary deeds;
  2. Translation issues;
  3. Negotiations;
  4. Paperwork;
  5. Opening a bank account;
  6. Obtaining a residence permit;
  7. Registration in the authorities and registries.

It will take only 1-2 days to change the registration documents and become Polish businessmen. All required registration procedures are already done. Every firm in our shelf companies list has the authorization to conduct business and previously has obtained:

  1. UE VAT registration number;
  2. VAT and CIT tax registration numbers;
  3. Registration of company office in the Companies Register;
  4. Opened account in a Polish bank;
  5. Articles of Association.

As you can see, everything is ready for starting a business. You just need to choose shelf company registration type, and to change, with our help, some provisions of Articles of Association (corporate name, authorized capital, types of activity and others).


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