Ready made company in Poland – your solution

To incorporate a firm means collecting documents, translating them into the national language and submitting to different institutions. The whole process takes plenty of time and is quite challenging. However, there is a more efficient option available for businessmen, including citizens of other states. It is to acquire a firm which is already ready made in Poland.

Benefits of ready made company

There are several gains which a businessman gets when purchasing an existing firm.

First, it has already passed the incorporation procedure which means that the company is already registered in the required state bodies. Thus, a ready made LLC in Poland can start its activities right away.

Second, such a company usually has an account in a Polish bank which can be easily passed to the new owner.

Third, since the company was never involved in any business, you will not have any problems with it. However, it is advisable to check the firm before making the deal to make sure it is really clean.

How long does it take to acquire a Poland ready made company

One of the biggest concerns of any businessman is time and money he or she needs to invest to launch a new business. Incorporation of a company is a long process. It can take up to one month from the note in the Commercial Register to registering for tax numbers.

In addition to collecting the necessary papers, an investor must take care of translating them into the national language. This results in additional spending and delays.

A ready made company in Poland - LLC can be the best solution to invest efficiently and avoid loads of routine work. The whole procedure of becoming an owner will take 1-2 days.

Ways to use a ready made company 

This type of a legal entity can be used for any kind of business activities mentioned in the Articles of Association. Usually, ready made firms are bought to acquire real property or another company and get the right to proceed with a new business quickly. Another reason for businessmen to purchase existing firms is to obtain specific licenses or certificates.

Procedure of buying an existing ready made company

To become a company owner, a businessman should collect and submit different papers and duplicates to state bodies. However, acquiring an existing legal entity is quicker since it means a simple transfer of shares. To legalize the deal, the existing owner and a new one should attend an office of a notary public to sign an agreement.

Amendments to the Articles of Association should be done. The changes should reflect the new title, framework of activities and other points.

New proprietors should switch the company’s bank accounts to their names.

The new proprietors must conduct a stakeholder’s meeting to appoint a new board, pay duty on transfer, and file a notification to a court.

Once the shares transfer is completed, the new company proprietors can proceed with their business activities.

Important: to purchase a Polish existing company, a foreigner is not obliged to come to the country. He or she may hire a professional legal consultant who will collect documents, provide translations and do other things which are necessary to make the deal.


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