Obtain a ready-made company in Poland

A ready-made Poland company is the perfect choice for people who have very little time for business to start up. Ordinary, it takes about a month to establish a new company in Poland and entails different bureaucratic procedures. On the contrary, only 1-2 days separate you from conducting business in the center of Europe. All that entrepreneur needs to do is to buy shelf company and start business immediately.

Easy ready-made LLC in Poland

Limited Liability Companies are the most common type of business in Poland. Easy to commence, and easy to do business. This type of entity may have just one founder, and registered capital is only 5000 zlotys. Regarding your business needs, you may purchase a ready made company in Poland in any city as one of the four business types:

  • New company. No debts, no taxes, no credit history – turn over a new leaf in Poland;
  • Company with history. Completely legal company with some history of turnovers;
  • Company with the property. A company that owns assets, real estate, and other property.
  • Operating company. A ready-made company that has legal operating business.

Whatever type of company you choose, Oruga Group guarantees that acquiring process will be fast and easy, and save your time, energy and money. Any of that company types is registered in all mandatory authorities, including tax authorities, and is paid all required taxes.

Creation of a company, in contrast to the ready-made company purchasing, takes a long time and a lot of energy and requires knowledge of Polish laws and various regulatory procedures. The language barrier is another great difficulty for people who don't know Polish because this is the main language of paperwork and official documents.

Contact us to get ready-made Poland LLC

The ready-made company is the fastest and easiest way to launch a business in Poland. Its future owner can provide any business activity he prefers. Acquiring of a shelf company is just process of re-registration. He or she can change any points of articles of association: name, address, registered capital, type of activity and so on.

Oruga Group provides qualified lawyer service concerning purchasing of a ready-made company.

We offer:

  1. List of available companies according to your preferences and criteria;
  2. Legal services: preparation of articles of association and other required documents, notary services;
  3. Legal support and consulting;
  4. Translation and negotiation services;
  5. Residence permit issues;
  6. Assistance in back account opening.

We take care of all legal questions. In a couple of days, you can get a legitimate company of any business type, without debts, operating or not. We'll help you to select opportune business, calculate the costs and do all paperwork for you.


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