A shelf company in Poland – your best option

Establishing a firm in Poland requires effort and is rather time-consuming. Moreover, all incorporation documents should be submitted in Polish which leads to extra spending and setbacks with registration. So, acquisition of an available firm can be a good option for investors willing to avoid paperwork, save time and start doing business immediately.

There are no limitations for foreigners because these firms have never performed any type of business activities. They also do not own any real estate and can be used to buy real property.

Advantages of acquiring a Polish shelf company

Basically, getting a ready firm in Poland means a simple transfer of proprietorship. There are several benefits which a foreign investor gets when using this way to launch a new business:

  • A shorter time before being able to begin doing business. Just an example: to register an LLC, you must spend time on collecting documents and submitting them to various state institutions. Plus, after you submit all the papers you will have to wait for 30 days to have your firm registered. Meanwhile, transfer of proprietorship generally takes about 1-2 days.
  • Clean background of the firm. Polish shelf companies have no business history, therefore, you won’t have problems with the new acquisition. However, it is advisable to do due diligence to be certain that the firm indeed has no obligations including financial ones. Another option is to acquire a company from a trustworthy firm with a strong reputation in the shelf company market.
  • Active bank account. To start working, you should open an account which is not always easy for foreigners. Usually, existing firms already have an account.
  • Registration for CIT and VAT purposes. Also, such a firm usually has a REGON number.
  • Unlimited activities noted in the Articles of Association. It is easy to switch the title, share capital and other points after the transfer is completed. According to the national Code of Commercial Companies, a new owner has 7 days to do that.

Acquiring a shelf company in Poland

To incorporate a firm, its proprietors should submit certain papers and notarized duplicates. It works the same with ready entities. The person willing to make an acquisition in the Polish shelf company market has to deliver few documents to state bodies.

New proprietors must take care of the amendments to the Articles of Association. These changes should include data about the new stakeholders and board as well as about activities if they are different.

Then a special type of agreement between former and new owners should be signed. After that, a formal note about changes in the Trade Register must be done. The new proprietors must also switch the firm’s accounts to their names.

Once the new proprietors get the shares, they are allowed to proceed with the intended business activities.

Note that to acquire a shelf company for sale in Poland, you are not obliged to be present in the country personally. A lawyer can do the registration job for you. He or she may also advise you on the best ready-made company in Poland.


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