Why purchase a shelf company in Poland

Starting a new business always means a lot of routine work. To open a firm means to gather documents, submit them to the appropriate state institutions, get permits, appropriate numbers (i.e. tax) and more. The process requires time and gets especially challenging if a businessman decides to move his business to another state.

However, there is an efficient way out which allows investors to escape long hours of routine registration work and start their business quickly. This is to find a shelf company for sale in Poland and buy it.

Peculiarities of shelf companies

When making a decision to purchase such kind of company, an investor chooses to acquire the stock of an existing firm and enter the Polish market in days. Few more advantages are:

There is no need to go through the registration procedure since the proprietor of a Polish shelf company has already done that for you. The firm has all the papers and permits for an immediate start of your business. So, it takes 1-2 days only to transfer shares while registering an LLC from scratch will take up to one month if nothing goes wrong.

Such a firm already has a bank account. This is especially convenient since Polish banks must check businessmen willing to open an account in their institution. Presence of a ready account saves a lot of time. 

The firm has never done any business, so you will not face any difficulties or problems with it later. However, when checking the Polish shelf company market, it is advisable to check the firms you are considering for buying to make sure they are indeed clean.

How can I use the firm after I purchase it?

Foreign investors choose to acquire an existing company for many reasons. As mentioned, it is a good way to start doing business quickly. However, there are a few more reasons to consider when purchasing a Polish shelf company.

First, an existing firm may deal with any business activities noted in the Articles of Association. Second, it gives a new owner the right to buy real property, certain licenses, and certificates.

What should I do to buy a firm on a shelf company market?

Before you actually proceed to any paperwork, you should make sure your future acquisition is exactly what you need. There are companies in Poland specializing at selling ready-made legal entities. It is advisable to hire a legal consultant who can check the chosen firm for you. Besides, you don’t necessarily have to be in the country personally. A legal consultant can do all the incorporation work, including translations to the national language.

After the choice is made, you are just a few steps away from having a new company:

  1. Signing an agreement about the shares transfer.
  2. Making amendments to the Articles of Association based on the changes you wish to make, i.e. the new title, new proprietors and stakeholders etc.
  3. Switching the firm’s bank account to your name.
  4. Conducting a stakeholder’s meeting aimed at appointing a new board.
  5. Paying a duty on transfer.
  6. Filing a notification to a court.

 As you can see, the whole procedure of acquiring a shelf company is easy and quick. However, a new acquisition opens doors to one of the largest and most stable markets in Europe.


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