Features of company registration in Poland

The registration of Poland company may be quite challenging. Despite all Polish government activities and simplification of company foundation procedures, the incorporating takes up to 6 weeks.

Poland ranked 27th in the World Bank's Ease of doing business index. It's one of the highest rates in Europe, but still, the Polish registration procedure may be complicated for foreigner due to the language barrier and ignorance of the law.

Whatever type of company the founder choose, a company have to be registered in several authorities and all the company documents, and Articles of Association is the main of them, must be made perfectly to avoid delays. And this short guide may be useful for a newbie in EU company registration.

Poland company registration

First of all, every legal entity in Poland must be registered in National Official Business Register and assigned by REGON number.

All the Polish companies must obtain KRS number in National Court Register, the centralized database of all Polish legal entities: entrepreneurs, organizations, associations, public health institutions and insolvent debtors. This number includes company specific information that might be provided to everyone through the online platform of that Poland company register. This is very useful for entrepreneurs and company managers who to seek information about their competitors and partners.

With regard to business taxation, every legal entity must register in tax authority and pay following taxes:

  • Corporate Income Tax (CIT) – all the company incomes earned in Poland must be taxed by CIT. The only exception is tax waivers operating in Special Economic Zones. Today CIT taxation is 19% for regular companies and 15% for small business.
  • Personal Income Tax (PAT) – the analogue of CIT for sole proprietors. If an individual has earned less than 85,528 zlotys he must pay 18% of incomes excluding 556,02 zlotys, if he has earned more than that amount – he must pay 14,839 zlotys and in addition 32% of the excess amount.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) – this tax is included into product and service price and paid by customers. There are several VAT rates in Poland: 23%, 8%, 5%, and zero tax. Every company registered in Poland must pay tax amounts imposed by customers, regardless of owner citizenship and location.

Those are the main Polish taxes, but the tax system of Poland implies the existence of 12 taxes, and we advise future Polish entrepreneurs to consult with their lawyer to avoid problems with Poland tax authorities.

Register company in Poland

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