Steps to company registration in Poland

Poland has become one of the most preferred destinations for foreign entrepreneurs to launch new businesses. The country has a great geographical location which opens tremendous opportunities for trade at the markets with millions of consumers. Poland managed to go through financial crisis smoothly and its economy keeps on growing. Also, the government tries to attract as many foreign investors as possible offering them favorable conditions to company register in Poland.

In 2009, the state settled new rules to make the procedure of opening a new firm simple and quick.

How to register a company in Poland: simple steps to launch your business

There are several procedures which a business owner should fulfill to open a firm in Poland.

1. Concluding the Articles of Association. This is your business statute. The document should contain the goal of your company, provide information about the company’s sharers and describe responsibilities and duties of its members. It should be made in Polish. Consider getting a translator or hire legal consultants who can develop a proper document for you.

2. Making a deposit in a bank. Depending on the kind of legal entity you select, you must have a certain amount of money in a bank for company registration in Poland. If you prefer to register an LLC, you will need to have 5,000 zlotys. Opening a JSC will require 100,000 zlotys on the deposit.

3. Making a record of your firm in the National Court Register (KRS). There are two options for your convenience: you can either get a printed application form in a selected court or submit an online form which you can find on the website of the Ministry of Justice. You should pay appropriate fees before applying. The court will review your application within two weeks.

4. Getting a REGON number. After receiving a notification from the KRS, you will have two weeks to apply for the REGON number in the National Statistics Agency. You should choose an office where your firm is located.

5. Obtaining NIP and VAT numbers. Both numbers are given by tax authorities. Note that the NIP number is free of charge, and the fee for VAT is 170 zlotys. Also, VAT number is needed only if you intend to run taxable activities.

If your firm will deliver goods or services to the EU market (not Poland only), you might need VAT-R/EU. It is free of charge.

6. Registering at ZUS. Registering at the Social Insurance Office. Poland companies registration requires registration with the Social Insurance Office within a week after you start running your business. You have two options: to attend the closest office or submit the required documents by mail or email.

Recently, the government made changes in the labor legislation and foreign businessmen do not have to register their firm with the National Labor Inspectorate and State Sanitary Inspection anymore.

Also, note that there is no obligation for a foreign investor willing to register company in Poland to be present in the country personally. A legal representative appointed by the power of attorney can do all the job for you. There are many companies which provide legal services to foreign businessmen, so you can always hire a professional consultant for your convenience.


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