How real is the Poland investment immigration?

Investing is a direction in financial activity, which is rapidly gaining popularity. But why do foreign investors begin to actively invest in the Polish economy? First, we need to tell you about the investment immigration in Poland.

Modern European countries, including Poland, have an active policy of encouraging investors. Foreign investment in Poland is attracted through the pleasant "bonuses" provided by the legislation. Among these bonuses is a good opportunity to obtain the citizenship of the country or the visa of the investor.

It is very profitable to make even minor investments as any cash flows are recorded by the government. After a few years, you may find that you have reached a certain investment limit, as a result of which you open up new prospects.

Immigration to Poland through investment for foreigners

Persons with entrepreneurial flair will be able to obtain Polish citizenship without problems. It would seem that it sounds fantastic, but it is a reality. First, funds are needed to move to Poland. There are two ways:

  1. Investing in the development of companies and the country's economy (start-UPS, purchase of securities, etc.);
  2. Creating your own business (investment in real estate, registration of the enterprise).

What is an investment visa Poland?

Most European countries have a legal investment threshold, which allows a foreign investor to require an investment visa (the right to permanent residence), and after some time they can obtain citizenship. That is, for immigration to Poland through investments, the investor must make a certain contribution to the country's economy, after which the road to the country is open for him.

After obtaining an investment visa in Poland, the investor and his whole family (spouse, children) have the right to move to permanent residence and acquire property in the country. After a few years, all family members have the right to apply for registration of Polish citizenship. This means that European education, medicine and the standard of living – all this will be available. And most importantly, access to the European market and the ability to export products to other countries.

Business in Poland for foreign investors

Also, for foreign investors, there is an option to open a business in Poland. After the introduction of the authorized Fund and 500 euros (the cost of creating an enterprise). After that, the government will give you a residence Permit for a period of 1 year, after which you must constantly provide the results of their business activities, on the basis of which will be decided to extend the residence permit.

But how to do it with the maximum benefit for yourself, without losing money? To do this, there are investment companies that advise and act as intermediaries between investors and businesses. They act as guarantors in transactions, reducing your risks. The specialists of such companies accompany investors throughout the investment project, as well as provide the best options, investment in which will give the highest dividends.


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