How to get permanent residency in Europe

Foreigners who want to gain permanent resident card of European Union need to know requirements for non-EU citizens to pass a procedure as easy as possible. Given the number of residents moving to Europe (more than 3 million annually), the better you know rules the faster you will become EU inhabitant.

Most people strive for immigration to EU to implement their dreams and plans for a better life:

  • freely travel over EU without Schengen visa,
  • doing successful business,
  • making a profitable investment,
  • get a good education,
  • to protect themselves and their families from danger in their native country.

Do you have the same aims?

What is European permanent residence?

Residence permit is a document that confirms a foreigner’s presence in the specific country and his right to live and work there. Permanent residency absolves an individual from immigration control and allows living in the country indefinitely, and moving within the country and abroad without restriction.

You can’t actually get permanent residence of European Union; to live and work in EU you need to obtain permanent residence in any EU member. Each country of EU has its own rules of residence permit obtaining, but they are quite similar.

Today Poland is one of the easiest EU countries to gain residency. Among the European countries where people strive to relocate, Poland comes second after United Kingdom. Moreover, Poland is leading among EU members by employment-related reasons of residence permit obtaining.

Poland is the EU country that has numerous opportunities for living, working and doing business. We believe that this country is the perfect place for the European permanent residence card gaining and successful living in the advanced European country.

There are two types of residence permit in Poland: temporary and permanent residency. Temporary residence allows staying in Poland for more than 3 months, and you have to have a real reason to stay in the country: job, marriage, study and some other ones.

To get permanent residence you must meet any of the following conditions:

  • You are Pole by law (children of Poles or Polish citizens);
  • Married to Pole at least for 3 years and have stayed in the country continuously for 2 years before permit application;
  • You lived and worked or did business in Poland at least for 5 years, and have a source of income and dwelling place;
  • You are a victim of human traffic;
  • You have a Pole’s card.

As you see, it’s not difficult to gain permanent residence in Poland. Just live and work there for 5 years.

European permanent residence permit gaining

We conduct comprehensive legal support for people who aim to change their lives and relocate to Europe. Oruga Group’s team of professionals will help you go through all stages of residency obtaining and become European resident!


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