The easiest way to get permanent residence in Europe

Almost all the European Union members have similar rules and procedures for gaining the residence permit. European countries provide free travel around Schengen area for individuals who have its resident card. Besides, high living standards and convenient environment for the business conducting and for a working attract non-EU residents to attempt to the residence permit or even citizenship obtaining.

So, to find the easiest country in Europe to get permanent residency let’s look at the most common ways people usually do for residency obtaining:

  • Business conducting. You can start a new business in any European countries or buy a ready-made company. The last method is popular among people who want to start business activity immediately. And actually, you need only a couple of days to become an owner of the already operating company.
  • Investment. This is one of the most common ways for people with extra money to immigrate to Europe. Most of the European countries are in favor of foreign investors. FDI is a blood of the economy, and when you’ll make an investment, the state gives you preferences for simple obtaining the European residence permit. Either a real property purchasing or investment to business is enough to get those preferences.
  • A job. Find a job and gain the work permit to get the ground for staying in the country. Unfortunately, not all employers have special permissions for hiring the persons from non-EU countries.
  • Study. Go to the university, complete your studies, and find a job in that country. After a work permit gaining you can apply for residency.

We have a long-term experience in the residence permit obtaining and can advise you a country where any of those methods will be realized easily.

The easiest way to get EU residency

We believe that Poland is the best country for redomiciliation to Europe with no effort. Any foreigner whether he or she has a lot of money or not can relocate to Poland and have a successful life there. Poland is not the country for leisure life on the dole, but it grants residence permits for individuals and companies with an aim to be useful for Poland and develop it.

Poland as the easiest country in Europe to get permanent residency provides affordable rules and terms for resident card gaining. There are several residency programs for non-residents to stay in Poland:

  • To stay in the country for 3 months – Visa. Non-EU nations are obliged to have a visa even for short stay in Poland;
  • To live in Poland more than 3 months but less than 3 years – temporary residence permit (TRP). Any of the above-mentioned grounds are an appropriate reason to stay, and in addition, you can live in Poland longer than 3 months for visiting your relatives or for academic research;
  • To live in Poland indefinitely – permanent residence permit (PRP). Such permit is automatically issued for Poles by origin and children of Poles or Polish citizens (Pole’s Card holders). If a person doesn’t have Polish ancestry, PRP can be granted for those who lived in Poland continuously and legally for 5 years, while having a stable job or another source of income (business, for example) and registered residence place.

In addition, there is one more way to facilitate the procedure – an applicant must get married: only 3 years of marriage to Pole and 2 years of living in Poland is needed to get a permanent residence there. Gaining the permanent residency in any EU member, in fact, you become an EU resident and may feel free in another country.

Have we convinced you that Poland is the easiest country to get permanent residency in Europe? Then we will be glad to help you relocate there.

Gaining the European residence card with Oruga Group

For people who are not familiar with rules and requirements for residency obtaining we offer to visit one of our immigration centers. We will consider your documents and predict your chances to gain residency in Poland.

Usually, it takes about 2-3 months to get a resident card in Poland. But you may spend a lot of time while preparing the documents. We can take care of all your legal affairs and help to do all paperwork.

With Oruga Group support you’ll become a resident of Poland rapidly, and easiest EU country will grant you permanent residency without a hitch.


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