Basic information for Poland company formation

Poland is one of the most dynamic and fast-growing markets in Europe due to the increasing number of new investment projects. As a member of the EU it offers entrepreneurs the opportunity of an easy access to the worlds’ biggest free market area. Furthermore it provides foreign investors with competitive labor costs, a considerable size of the market, industrial diversity and real possibilities for the development of new economic entities.

We are focusing on the questions most often posed by foreign investors.

These can be grouped into key categories: 
- Entry and residence requirements,
- Business establishment,
- Corporate taxation, 
- Labor market,
- Social security.

You will find essential information on these material and many useful tips on how to establish a business in Poland.

Entry and Residence

Being a foreigner from a country outside the EEA (EU + Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland) means that you need to fulfil a few legal obligations in order to stay legally in Poland. First thing is having an appropriate visa. Depending on the type of visa you can legally stay in Poland for certain period of time. If you would like to stay in Poland after your visa is expired you need to apply for a residence permit for a fixed period of time.

Different types of residence titles are available subject to the intended business activities. 

Our legal experts help you checking:

- what type of vise or residence permit might be required for the planned business activity,
- grating requirements for different kinds of residence permits,
- how the application procedure works.

Business establishment in Poland

Starting and running a business in Poland is open to everyone and you will be on equal footing. With exceptions for the utilities sector, there is almost no permit required to run a business in any sector. Because the progressive economic desires of the government are congruent to the entrepreneur, in theory, the government should not impede your progress. 

It takes only a few steps to company formation in Poland. It will not be difficult to establish your own business in Poland if you have a deal with a team of knowledgeable professionals, because in each country the legal relationship and document management have their own characteristics.

We inform about: 

  • General ways to take up commercial activities in Poland,
  • Different company forms,
  • The establishment procedure in detail.

Corporate Taxation

Like many other countries, Poland imposes a corporate tax, also known as a company tax. This is the only applicable corporate income tax in the country, having a  value of 19%. This tax applies on the company’s global income, calculated from all sources.

Many countries have signed double tax treaties with Poland over the years.

Our experts help you in optimizing your business. We inform you about:

  •  The Polish tax environment,
  •  How to avoid double taxation,
  •  How to register with tax authorities,
  •  Tax implications of certain company forms.

Employees and Social Security

Attention should already be paid to the question of how to required specialists and employees at the company formation stage. Moreover, knowledge of the different employment models and the terms and conditions of employment help successfully complete the hiring process. 

Our legal experts help you optimize the hiring process by giving advice on:

  • Flexible models of employment, 
  • Different terms of employment,
  • The social security system and payroll accounting, 
  • Registering employees for the social security system.


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