Business immigration to Poland: search of a better!

There is an interesting thought that a person, who have never left his comfort zone, is not able to achieve big results in his life.

It is hard to deny this, especially in the case of business and career. And if we take into account that it is predicted economic crisis in many countries, so erstwhile familiar habitat becomes really uncomfortable and unusable for self-fulfillment in principle. Non-stable economic and political situation, which is observed in many countries present day, becomes the best motivation for migrant.

Before immigrating to Poland, is required to analyze in several important criteria the country You wish to settle in before departing, if You don't want to change the flea. This criteria are:

  • Stable political situation
  • Low economic crimes rate
  • Lack of the juridical obstacles for  doing business
  • Flexible taxation system

Analysis of all of this nuances helps You to avoid unpleasant surprises, because there are few countries where You may create perspective legal business, that will not be infringed by legislative and dwindle with the exorbitant taxes, or, even, will be able to compete with local companies.

Business registration in Poland - why does it profitably?

Idea of migration to the "Western World" is perceived as a daydream and bring a smile in most cases. But there are good chances to settle in Europe if we speak about immigration to Poland. Below we present You advantages of Poland:

  • Company registration in Poland make its ability to work not only in RP but on the territory of all European Union;
  • Easy and simple business registration procedure, which is not stretched for a painful long term (approximately 10 days);
  • Buying a company provides low share capital in amount of 5000 PLN (approximately 1200 euro) that differs from other Western countries (where share capital is required in amount of 25 000 and more euro);
  • Transparent taxation system and loyal relationship of the tax agency to violators;
  • Drawing up Temporary Residence Permit on the basis of registered company give you a right for settlement in EU;
  • Opportunity to duty-free trade without additional customs issues in all EU countries;
  • Automatic VAT-return in case of export or overpay of VAT;
  • Ability to buy a car with Polish registration number, that will be registered at the company;
  • Right to make payments and deposit your company's money in any currency during non-limited period without obligation to exchange any sum for Polish national currency in the accounting period;
  • Side by side company establishing You get an ability to keep you money in safe European banks;
  • It is allowed by country legislative to make a company's management of the documents in e-process including invoices. Wherein there are no such documents like "acceptance report" etc., so Poland gives you an ability to tax-records in simplified way in other words.
  • Tax audits are rare in Poland and being made in tight and bounded terms, you will be notified within 7 days before;
  • Enterprise that is managed or owned by foreigners has the same rights like the Polish one;
  • Excellent transit location of the country, that allows you to do successful trading business.

Immigration to Poland and an option immigration to Europe

Each of us undoubtedly imagine his personal living circumstances in different ways. But stability, confidence in the future and opportunity to work for yourself - it is a huge ground for developing your future. You may achieve much more than you would expect when the state supports your initiatives and wishes coincide with opportunities.


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