Where is the cheapest real estate in Europe?

Real estate in Europe over the past ten years is in great demand among investors. This is due primarily to the fact that every business person is looking for the most reliable and profitable method of investing their own funds. As evidenced by real estate news in Europe, today you can buy a house on any budget. Of course, commercial real estate will be a little more expensive than residential. But as you know, in most cases, real estate in Europe is purchased for housing.

You may not believe it, but European agencies offer their customers to buy a good home abroad for several thousand euros. For example, in Bulgaria for 10 000 euros you can buy a small apartment that requires cosmetic repairs. Estonia, the Czech Republic and Poland also offer investors to buy real estate for a small cost. For 30 000 euros in Germany you can buy a small but cozy and comfortable house. Real estate in France, Italy, the UK is a little more expensive, but at an affordable cost, everyone can buy a one-bedroom apartment or a small Studio. This is the most profitable option for those who live or work in this country for a long time. If you are interested in real estate in Eastern Europe for commercial purposes, then you have all the chances to make good money on their own housing.

The top real estate companies in Europe and their features

Companies that search for affordable housing in Europe are divided into two main types:

  • universal firms that fully cover the real estate market;
  • organizations that specialize in a particular area.

Main, reliable real estate companies in Europe:

  1. Reitinvest - a universal company that will be able to find good properties in every corner of the world. In that case, if you ask for help in this agency, the purchase of real estate for you will be fast, safe and enjoyable.
  2. ReLuxEstates is an Agency that sells real estate in Cyprus. With the help of this organization you can buy any property: cottages, villas, houses, apartments, studios, commercial premises.
  3. In that case, if you want to buy a house in Spain, you will help the Spanish Agency EstateSpain. In the main database of the organizations have numerous profitable offers, so you have the opportunity to choose the most profitable.
  4. EstateService is a real estate Agency that provides services throughout Europe.  With it, you have the opportunity to purchase housing in countries such as France, Spain, Bulgaria, Austria, Corsica, Canary Islands, Mallorca and in many other countries.
  5. Company RedFeniks is a universal Agency with which you can buy commercial and residential premises in Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria and in many other countries.

In each country in Europe, you will be able to find any organization that will help you buy suitable accommodation and will save you from the risk of losing money. Such organizations will help the foreigner not to fall for fraudsters or overpay. The most important thing is to choose from a numerous company the best Agency. In choosing a real estate fund in Europe, give preference to the organization that is ready to satisfy all your wishes.


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