How to buy cheap property in Europe

The cheapest property in Europe is the object of the search for most of our compatriots planning to move abroad. Over the past five to ten years, the purchase of European housing has become much more popular. But this does not negate the fact that the purchase of real estate – quite a time-consuming process, which has a lot of risks and nuances with unplanned costs. And so we will talk about whether it is possible for a foreigner to buy European housing and highlight the main nuances and problems that occur on the way for everyone.

In any country there is a clear range of prices. Thus, having set a task to find the cheapest housing, we will select several countries that can meet this request: Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, Germany, Italy. That is, it is possible to buy property in Europe from the budget of 25 thousand euros and more. Having such a sum, of course, do not count on luxury apartments, but one room apartment or Studio – it is quite feasible.

Where is the cheapest property to buy in Europe?

Bulgaria. A small remark: it is important to remember that there are cases when the apartment / house go "under the hammer" for 5-10 thousand euros, but these are isolated cases in a particular place under special conditions.

Bulgaria has long been synonymous with the word "cheap" in the European real estate market. In the range of 10-20 thousand euros you can find dozens of tolerable offers for the sale of real estate in good condition and with a good location (for example, near the sea). For the same 12 thousand euros there is an opportunity to become the owner of the house in the village, which is far from the sea coast.

Germany. The German real estate market is developing dynamically, and prices are rising. However, there are always options for budget purchases. Of course, this is not the cheapest place to buy property in Europe, but there are also options in the range of 20-25 thousand euros. Usually, real estate in this country is purchased for the purpose of earnings, but nothing prevents to move there yourself.

Spain. The budget options in Spain begin, on average, with 25 thousand euros, while the state of the property leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, any property can be brought to normal. The option is strictly for people who dream of a beautiful life in a seaside town.

Italy. The most expensive option among the presented. Here the prices for apartments start from 30 thousand euros.

Where to buy cheap property in Europe?

Here the choice is very narrowed to two potentially best options: Poland and Bulgaria. About Bulgaria, we have already told above, and Poland is not much different in the housing issue. Despite the fact that Bulgaria is the cheapest option, but in Poland to buy property is more profitable for several reasons:

  • easy transition to permanent residence;
  • ease of obtaining a residence permit;
  • dynamic real estate market.

It is worth paying attention to the houses that "need repair". Basically, our view of the poor state of housing is very different from the view of Europeans. Thus, buying "shabby" real estate, it will be enough minimum investment to bring it to normal state for living.

So, the cheapest country to buy property in Europe is Bulgaria. The most efficient way is to buy real estate in Germany and Poland. Those who have never dealt with the purchase and sale of real estate, even in their own country, will help experts from real estate agencies.

Where to find the cheapest property prices in Europe?

Despite this price gap between seemingly even neighboring countries, it is worth highlighting the option of buying, which will save you money even in France. We are talking about investing developers. Many are skeptical about this option, because in order to claim that this is a cheap property for sale in Europe, it is necessary that it existed physically, and not on paper. And everything else is just dust in the eyes.

However, European legislation is built in such a way that first of all the interests of the people are protected. Therefore, investing in construction, the investor is insured against almost any risk.

Where is the cheapest property in Europe? This question will be able to answer the real estate Agency, because only with them you can quickly and accurately find suitable options and compare their value in different countries. If you do not delve into the issue of buying real estate, we can confidently say that the most suitable options you will find in Germany, Bulgaria and commercial real estate in Poland. When planning a purchase, it is important to know clearly what your budget is, what goals you pursue and what you expect from a new place of residence (a change of scenery, life from a clean slate or purely commercial interest). In all other respects, you will be helped by specialists who have been engaged in the real estate industry for a long time. Thanks to such agencies, you can count on a fair and secure transaction.


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