Commercial Real Estate in Poland

You have to be extremely attentive and well-informed in solving such a responsible issue like buying commercial real estate in Poland. Moreover, if we speak about purchasing of foreign property the knowledge in market features, Polish legislative acts and different juridical nuances is required. Then, it is advisable to ask professionals in this field to help and trust in their competence.

The Oruga Group Company offers a comprehensive approach to the purchase of real estate in Poland to its clients. With the assistance of our specialists, you can find out about current prices of real estate in Warsaw and other Polish cities. You will also be able to analyze average market prices for the type of property you are interested in, as well as optimize all your costs of purchase and sale deal. Buying commercial property in Warsaw will be a good investment on the Polish real estate market for you.

Purchase of commercial real estate in Poland

Based on our huge practical experience in working with commercial real estate in Poland and land property we are glad to offer you qualified and operational approach in the assigned task. We can perform the following actions for you within the minimum period of time:

  1. Carry out research, comparison and analysis of available commercial real estate offers to choose the best appropriate variant for you.

  2. Analysis of the primary market of the Polish real estate (offered by developers) as well as second-hand housing Polish market.

  3. Representing your interests during the purchase and sale deal, solving all the questions, problems, nuances on your behalf which saves you the trouble of being personally present at the intermediate negotiations.

  4. Management and control over each process related to the purchase of property in Poland (including juridical and notary consulting, assistance with opening a bank account and other associated moments)

  5. Carrying out a thorough audit evaluation of a concerned property object for you based on the Polish mortgage register. We check each object of transaction for possible hidden troubles (pitfalls), such as debts lying with the property and other burdens (we do complete background checking on the seller and ensure that there are no problems with the property).

  6. Assisting you from the arrival to Poland during all the process of property offers review up to making a deal of the real estate purchase.

  7. Providing a personal manager who will supervise you from the beginning to the end of our cooperation.

Commercial real estate in Poland - your profitable investment 

There is a requirement to get a special permit from the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration to be able to purchase a land parcel or commercial property in Poland, which is given to foreigners who are not citizens of EEA states or Switzerland in most of such deals. In our turn, we help our client to obtain all the documents required for property acquisition.

Commercial real estate in Poland is a great idea of investments into the future. This type property ownership helps you to legalize in the Republic of Poland and be admitted to citizenship if you plan to do business in Poland and aspire to settle down in the EU.

If you are interested in buying commercial real estate in Poland, we guarantee that this process will not only be more efficient but also more secure with the help of ORUGA\GROUP sale specialists. Qualified specialists will answer to all your questions and offer favorable cooperation terms.

Give us a call or write to us today, and get your invest solution in Poland.
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