Business registration in Poland 

Modern Poland is one of the European countries where the constant growth of economic indicators and improvement of social standards are observed. But the state attracts many foreigners and for other reasons: because of similar culture and mentality to other Slavic nationalities, and also because the Polish language is much easier than most other European ones. Moreover, Poland is very friendly to emigrants; there are many opportunities for business in this country.

Today we are going to discuss the business registration. If you are still hesitating is this country good for opening your business, take into consideration the following facts:

  • since 1999 Poland is a member of NATO, since 2004 - a member of the European Union, and since 2007 it has entered the Schengen zone;
  • here is one of the highest purchasing power in the world (wages are enough to satisfy all needs);
  • developed transport and road infrastructure.

If you are interested in the business registry in this country, welcome to our company! Oruga Group knows everything about registration and business support in Poland. Entrepreneurs from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus will receive professional help with business registration in Poland, with accounting, taxation, getting a residence permit for the whole family thanks to the registration Polish business. And also we will provide professional legal support of your company in Poland, and accounting support, of course.

Polish business registry

The good news is that foreigners do not need to have a Polish residence permit in order to register their business. All a beginner needs is a valid passport and permission to stay in the country (for example, a six-month national visa). For foreigners who do not have a permanent residence permit, only a legal entity can be registered. Any foreign citizen has an opportunity to register an enterprise in Poland and manage it himself/herself. Moreover, our company can register your business even without your presence. Almost everything can be done by proxy, except for opening a bank account. Our company will help you with all the documents, filling in the application form, signing contracts, registration in the court register.

You can register your business in both electronic and notary forms. The process of electronic registration takes an average of 14 working days. You can check whether your business is registered on the official website of the Ministry of Justice of Poland - in the court register. Your company will get a registration number, and from that moment it is possible to open a settlement account and start working.


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