Doing business in Poland – it’s easy!

For the last ten years, Poland significantly increased in the international ranking (we mean competitiveness and ease of doing business). This could not be overlooked by investors from other countries. There is nothing surprising that investors and businessmen from all over the world started to come to Poland, some of them want to develop their business, others are ready to start from the ground.

Poland has many opportunities for business and it’s not difficult to open your company here. According to the rates of the 2017 year (World Bank’s version), Poland took 27th place among the most successful countries for doing business.

If you are dreaming about your own company or even about small business, you should be well-informed in such areas as:

  • system of taxation in Poland;
  • real estate;
  • getting temporary or permanent residence permit;
  • human capital;
  • accounting and auditing.

If you have huge plans for your business, you can think about attracting investors from the EU.

Why should you do business in Poland?

The economy in this country has an uninterrupted growth for many years (since 1992). Moreover, experts predict further economic growth (until 2030, every year it will grow by 3%).

Poland received about €82.5 billion from the EU, it means that other countries are interested in Poland as in the labor market offering growth.

Poland actively develops international trade. Of course, most of the goods go to the EU countries (about 70%), but there are also Polish providers in the African countries and in South America. By the way, Poland has a good location in Europe and can be proud of its huge domestic market.

The political situation in Poland is quite stable and reliable (the country is a member of such organizations like EU and NATO).

Poland has many specialists in different areas, the highly qualified labor of this country is well-known abroad. All the time Poland tries to increase transparency, and these attempts are very successful, the level of corruption in the country is low.

These were only some reasons why you should choose Poland for doing your business.

To describe all the nuances of doing any kind of business in Poland, we need to write a book. But you can get all the necessary information from our experts. The Oruga Group Company is always happy to unlock the main secrets of a successful business in Poland to our potential customers. Just contact us or visit our company and you will get answers to all your questions.


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