Business opportunities in Poland

Poland is a member of EU for more than ten years, and for this period of time this country has demonstrated that it has a very fast-growing economy, is not afraid of a debt crisis and has hundreds of business opportunities for the aspiring businessman. Many investors and different entrepreneurs choose this country. And you can be one of them! No matter if you are a Polish citizen or a foreigner, you have a great possibility to set up your own business in one of the European countries. Oruga Group knows everything about business opportunities in Europe. Contact our specialists and they help you to set up a legal and successful business.

No matter what type of a commercial activity you will choose, the main thing is your persistence and the desire to see the result. In any case, you will have the benefits if you have your own business in Poland, and it all depends on you: will it be a profitable business or just a life experience.

Poland business opportunities for foreigners

Coming back in 2008, we can see how Poland managed to escape the terrible consequences of the debt crisis. This country very quickly adapted in the EU and demonstrated to the whole world what it is capable of. There are great business opportunities in Poland due to the stable dollar exchange rate, excellent economy, a great population (one of the most populated countries in Europe), huge amount of labor. The great importance for the country's economy has a large percentage of emigrants who work, study and stay to live here. Every year the number of foreign workers grows and experts predict that the flow of emigrants will continue to grow. All this is very important for businessmen.

Poles are fond of sports (especially football). Millions of football fans live in this country and this fact helped many businessmen to make their business more profitable. Remember the EURO 2012? And it was not the last event like it in Poland. It is very important to learn how to benefit from different situations.

Business ideas for foreigners:

  1. building;
  2. fast food restaurants;
  3. grocery stores and shops with alcoholic beverages;
  4. language schools and courses for children and adults;
  5. online shops;
  6. beauty salon.

These are the most popular ideas. It’s not difficult to open such business like a beauty salon or a grocery store. But such institutions will always be popular, as people always want to eat, be beautiful, etc.

Oruga Group is ready to help

The experts in our company are ready to tell you more about opportunities for setting a business in Poland. Before opening your business, don’t forget to do the next things:

  • make an examination of the market, examination of the project, analyze competitors;
  • find and attract local partners;
  • be ready to legalize your employees;
  • always make reports and pay taxes on time;

Many people think that Poland is very profitable for business, that’s why to set up a business will be very easy. Never open a company yourself; it's best to ask for a professional help. Thus, you will be able to avoid many mistakes, save money and energy.


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