Polish LLC – the perfect solution for any business size

The Limited Liability Company in Poland, abbreviated as LLC, is the most frequent company type in this country. And no wonder. This form of company formation is balanced solution for people who want to have total control for their company activity, but don't want to take total risk and lost everything they have because of a single mistake.

Even non-profit companies prefer LLC as a registered form of their activity.

The registration costs are not expensive. The largest amount that LLC owner has to pay is shared capital. The minimal amount is 5000 zlotys, a small price to have own company in on of the developed EU countries.

LLC formation in Poland

To accomplish the registration of LLC in Poland future entrepreneur have to get through the several stages:

  1. Choose the unique company name. Before submitting documents in the authorities company owner have to check whether this name occupied by another company.
  2. Choose an address. Everyone knows Warsaw, but there are a lot of beautiful Polish cities where the business and investment activity will be no less successful than in the capital. Besides, there are several Special Economic Zones for reducing the taxes.
  3. Choose shareholders. LLC must have at least one shareholder, that means you can be the sole owner and control all company activity by yourself.
  4. Make statute and fill in registration documents. The articles is the base for future company activity, thus to pay particular attention to it or request professional lawyers to make it.
  5. Register company in authorities and obtain KRS, REGON, EORI and VAT numbers.
  6. Notary registration. This is the most extended stage, and it takes around 3-5 weeks to provide notary registration of the future company. Want to make it faster? Entrust professional lawyer to deal with it.

Legal support with company registration

Oruga Group has years of experience in Poland LLC formation and registration. We know all potholes to avoid and can provide registration procedure much faster.

We offer:

  • Notary services;
  • Making documents, including Articles of Association;
  • Services of the professional translator;
  • Support in negotiations;
  • Assistance in residence permits obtaining;
  • Submitting documents in the state authorities and paying all required duties.

We have hundreds of satisfied company owners who remain our customers for many years. We support our customers during all their presence in the country and provide advocacy services in any needs.


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