Why should your business immigration to Poland?

The people who want to develop their skills, start a new life in the progressive country as well as expand their company are looking for new countries for this purpose. Europe is a territory of developed economy and transparent business conditions. Thus business founders immigrate their companies to one of these appealing countries to widen their horizons.

Poland business immigration is the perfect step for companies from Eastern Europe and some other adjacent countries. And one can see the several benefits of this action:

  • Population of Poland and nearby countries are sympathetic to each other, have similar mentality, so adaptation will go through quite smoothly;

  • This is an easy way to open a new branch or representative office of the company;

  • A chance to build own business in the central European country;

  • An opportunity to get more profit from the same investment amount;

  • Suitable location of Poland in the center of EU;

  • A possibility to become a citizen of Poland. Not only company existence is required for the residence permit, but this procedure is more comfortable for business founders;

If you made a decision to immigrate your business to Poland, there are several steps to do for this purpose:

  1. Firstly, register the company here. LLC is the most appropriative variant for people who start their European business life;

  2. Obtain the Schengen visa. We may help you to do all paperwork and get this document;

  3. Go to Poland and apply for resident permit.

But one more note: you may organize business immigration to Poland in accordance with the relevant requirements:

  • you have to be good-educated;

  • you must have business experience in your country:

  • your English language skills in writing and speaking must be at the relevant level to contact to other people;

  • you must not have been refused a Schengen visa.

If you meet all that requirements it will be easy to relocate your company and conduct business immigration to Poland.

Our program of business immigration to Poland let you save you time and money. Besides, you don’t have to throw your deals and go to another country. Because immigration process takes a lot of time and requires your presence in this country for some time.


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