Immigration to Poland - opportunities and prospects

Most of inhabitants of the CIS countries choose Poland to live and do business due to several obvious reasons: close geographical location, similarity of lifestyle and mentality, as well as an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits and advantages of being in the Eurozone. Despite the fact that Poland is situated in the close vicinity, the living standards, quality of social services, and the government policy in general with respect to citizens are fundamentally different from those conditions.

Immigration to Poland opens up a number of lucrative prospects for foreigners, and most importantly, they are all viable and feasible, because the process itself is quite affordable for an average CIS resident and takes a minimum amount of time.

Benefits of immigration to Poland:

  1. Living in a civilized and developed European country;
  2. Free travelling across the Schengen countries;
  3. A chance to establish your own business under the simplified taxation system and with the government support;
  4. A chance to find business partners and investors to implement new business ideas or expand an existing business;
  5. Education at the best European universities;
  6. High-quality health care and other social benefits;
  7. An opportunity to take your loved ones to the EU and provide a future worth living for them.

Today, one of the most cost-effective solutions in terms of moving anywhere is business immigration to Poland. Firstly, this immigration program involves quick obtaining of a residence permit, as well as some significant bonuses in terms of purchasing movable and immovable property, and secondly, in case of doing business, the Free Business Activities Act of Poland will work in your favor. There are virtually no restrictions for self-fulfillment of a European in Poland; a great number of businesses do not require any additional documents to be done, but many types of businesses require licensing.

Business immigration to Poland also allows European entrepreneurs to expand their consumer audience dramatically, since Poland is part of an integrated European economic space. This means that when you open a business in Poland, you can develop it in other EU countries as well. Another important advantage of business immigration to Poland is a possibility of your business to be financed on individual profitable terms by European banks.

Immigration to Poland with Oruga Group

Immigration to Poland is particularly attractive for the Europeans, since our countries have much in common: a special similarity of the Polish and European mentalities, common historical past, the consonance of languages, close proximity - all this makes it possible for the Europeans to adapt quickly in Poland and feel comfortable from the very first days.  

Many Europeans have Polish roots and can make use of the appropriate immigration program for departure and further obtaining of a residence permit; immigration to Poland based on the Pole's Card has been and remains an alternative option for most cases. With this document, you can not only stay in the country on legal grounds, but also get some privileges:

  • Issue of a free visa;
  • Legal employment without any special permits;
  • Doing business on an equal footing with the Poles;
  • Free education and the right to a scholarship;
  • The right to enjoy free medical care;
  • The right to financial support from the Polish state social programs;
  • Discounts on public transport.
  • According to the international analytical publications, immigration to Poland from the CIS countries continued to gain momentum rapidly in 2016. Over the last year, the republic has taken in about 1 million emigrants from the CIS. In 2016, based on the unanimous promotion of the Pole's Card Bill by the Polish Seim (a number of simplifications for the CIS inhabitants are expected), the process of moving to Poland can become even more affordable for the Europeans.

How to immigrate to Poland with Oruga Group

In order to choose an optimal program of departing to the EU, you can simply seek the advice of Oruga Group professionals. With their help, you can find out how to immigrate to Poland, being on a budget and within the shortest possible time. With an existing network of representative offices both in Poland and other countries, Oruga Group Company can offer you the most suitable options for cooperation – either in the personal contact mode or remotely. Depending on the objectives of moving, we will suggest what Polish city is better to immigrate to for you, as well as tell you about all the nuances related to emigration to Poland.


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