7 reasons to immigrate to Poland

Today, every second resident of the CIS countries thinks about moving to the permanent place of residence in Europe. Most of these people cannot move from thinking to actions due the doubts regarding certain stages of immigration. In order to overcome them, it is important to determine which of the Eurozone countries can provide the optimal conditions for your comfortable life, as well as find a reliable immigration provider who will allow you to enjoy all the positive aspects of moving within a short period of time. 

Poland provides the most solid ground to start a better life for you and offers many advantages in comparison with other EU countries:

  • Quick processing of immigration documents within a month;
  • Mental similarity of the CIS peoples and the Poles;
  • Territorial proximity;
  • Simplified algorithm to create your own business from scratch. In contrast to the CIS countries, Poland really strives to develop the small- and medium-sized business sector, and it should be noted that the results are quite impressive. Thus in 2008, and 2012 when all the CIS countries "dropped" the GDP, Poland increased it on the contrary. 
  • Stable political situation;
  • Decent salaries, low housing prices, including for rent, reasonable pricing in terms of foodstuff, public transport and other domestic purposes;
  • A separate point is cheapness and easy purchase procedure of your own vehicles that none of the CIS country can boast of.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages of Poland as a country favorable for immigrants, it combines a lot of other attractive sides. All of them taken together make life in Poland pleasant and interesting and also provide ample opportunities for leisure and self-development – these are numerous historic attractions (churches, castles, cathedrals, museums) and a variety of resorts and prestigious educational institutions.

Immigration ways to Poland

1. Marriage.

     You can obtain the residence permit by getting married to a Polish citizen, but according to the applicable law, you will be required to confirm the authenticity of your family relationship. Do not try to cheat the state, remember that if your marriage is deemed fictitious, it will be impossible to obtain a residence permit.

2. Higher education.

    When you are admitted to a university, Poland automatically provides you with a residence permit for the duration of your period of study. Polish universities are quite prestigious and highly rated throughout the whole European Union. In addition to the high-quality education, they provide their graduates with a decent job.

3. Obtain a residence permit through employment.

     If you have worked for more than 5 years without any conflicts with law and the employer in Poland, you can count on a permanent residence card.

4. Start your business or be a co-owner

     If you have the funds sufficient enough to open a business in Poland, you should start your business in this country without thinking twice.

It is much easier and more profitable to set up a business in Poland than in any of the CIS countries. It is also unrivaled in terms of accessibility and transparency of the business environment for foreign businessmen among European countries. Minimum documents delays, no bureaucratical or corruption components of this process.

5. Pole’s Card

     Immigration to Poland is not a problem for a person who has Polish roots and the documents confirming them. You also need to pass an interview at the consulate concerning knowledge of the Polish language, knowledge of history and culture of the Polish people.

     Immigration to Poland by means of any of the above-listed methods will help you to legitimately settle in the Eurozone and become a full-fledged member of the European family. Even having the residence permit status and not being a Polish citizen, you can freely travel throughout the Schengen area as a tourist, student of international exchange programs, or carry out active commercial activities as a businessman.


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