Five reasons to buy a home in Poland

Poland is a member of the European Union, that means that its citizens can enjoy all the benefits of its membership. One of them is freedom of movement on the territory of the Eurozone without any restrictions and visas. Residents from other countries strive for providing oneself in personal house or apartment in Poland with the purpose of getting such opportunity. 

If you have a property in Poland you are granted a right of free movement in the EU. Foreigners take notice of the reasonable prices and the quality of food and other commodities, full value of infrastructure development, a high level of health and education.

Buying a house in Poland is reasonable, profitable and real investment

Sale of the real estate to non-UE residents is regulated by a number of normative documents in Poland, in particular by Administrative procedure code.

Before you decide to buy a house in Poland, it is important to get acquainted with the real estate market, the value and the procedure of the registration of the transaction. 

Even if you do not consider the option of buying your own house, you can rent a house in Poland that will allow you to live with comfort enjoying the opportunities for business development, work and study in the country.

With the help of the Oruga Group company you can make acquaintance with the real estate market personally and make sure that house sale in Poland is notable for a large number of inexpensive offers. With professional and experienced realtors by the Oruga Group company you are saving not only time but also money and eventually you can buy a home in Poland quickly and inexpensively.

In the first stage, the customer should obtain the permission of the Polish Department of Permits and Concessions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Customer should prepare and submit an application in Polish language and the set of some other documents which must be translated and notarized.

However, despite the existence of generally accepted rules for foreign customers, the officers look at each case individually and often go toward the applicants, taking into account personal circumstances.

Applicants will be charged a state duty in the amount of 98 PLN and the permission fee in amount of 1570 PLN for his application issue.

Term of the application issue by the Ministry of Internal Affairs is up to two months. Ministry officers can request for additional materials, if necessary, so the process can drag on for 6 months. After receiving permission it is important to buy house in Poland during a year, otherwise the document becomes invalid.

House prices in Poland vary by region, the square, the condition of the property and other factors. Due to the best benefit and make your money a reasonable investment it is important to involve in this process competent assistance. If you want to buy a house in Poland at an advantageous price and avoid fraud and multiple charges, we will be glad to render you our support!

How to buy a house in Warsaw or another region in Poland.

Current prices of parcels, villas, cottages and houses in Warsaw you can always find out from our consultants. Come to an agreement your requirements for housing about the existing proposals in Poland we will recommend the most favorable option for temporary or permanent accommodation. Purchasing and renting a house with the Oruga Group company are available only  Warsaw.


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