Property in Poland - incontestable advantages of having real estate in the EU

It is no wonder that Poland has recently gained in large-scale popularity in terms of residential real estate among foreigners. After entering the EU, the country began developing even more intensively and today it is equally attractive both for businessmen and tourists, whereas the number of immigrants applying for permanent residence in Poland has been growing steadily. Residential real estate in Poland is a tasty morsel for the average buyer of  Germany or Sweden, because it is not only comfortable for living but also a perfect investment. 

The developed infrastructure of even small towns sets Poland apart from the neighbouring countries where solely capitals and regional centers can boast of it.

Another important advantage is that apartments have much more reasonable prices property in Poland,than similar offers in other EU countries. The Polish real estate market is rich and diverse, therefore everyone can find an affordable place to live.

Real estate sale in Poland: special aspects and details of the process. 

If you intend to buy a house in Poland, while not being a citizen, you should familiarize yourself with the fundamental law on acquisition of real estate by foreigners, adopted on 24.03.1920. As stipulated by the law, before buying a house in Poland, a foreign person must obtain a specific permit that confers the rights of ownership and rights of perpetual use of the real estate. 

The above-mentioned document may not be obtained under the following conditions:

  • a foreign person acquires a housing accommodation (i.e. an apartment)
  • a foreign person acquires non-residential garage premises, takes part in shared ownership of non-residential premises

  • the property is acquired by the foreign person who has been residing in the Republic of Poland for more than 5 years with a residence permit

  • real estate is acquired by the immigrant married to a citizen of the Republic of Poland who has been residing in Poland for at least 2 years 

  • the real estate is acquired by a foreign citizen, who is entitled under the law at the moment of the transaction to inherit the alienated real estate, provided the alienating party has owned the property for at least five years. 

  • a Polish company with the foreign capital acquires a land plot up to 0.4 hectares in the urban area with the intention to use it according to the needs stipulated by the charter.

In other situations, obtaining a permitting document is mandatory. It shall be issued by the Department of Permits and Concessions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Poland as an administrative decision in response to the application submitted by you. Besides the personal information, you will be required to specify all the data about the purchased real estate property in Poland your application, as well as explain reasons and purpose of the purchase, its interrelation with Poland and thus convince the regulatory authorities of Poland of advisability of your purchase.

Purchase of residential property in Poland with Oruga Group

The affordable cost of residential housing in Poland and the simple procedure of sale and purchase are the most significant advantages of the Republic. Lack of high taxes, detestable officialdom and assistance of the state make the purchase even more profitable and enjoyable. Owing to the economic stability, housing prices in Poland are never exposed to excessive fluctuations and give you an opportunity to plan your purchase in advance.

Purchase of residential property in Warsaw with Oruga Group. Having an extensive experience in real estate, we are able to provide you with the most efficient assistance in the process of property circulation. Regardless of whether it is a sale of residential property in Poland, purchase of commercial real estate in Poland - we are always ready to provide you with the competent assistance represented by an estate agent, a translator and a lawyer. 
A growing customer base and established contacts enable us to provide customers with the latest and most up-to-date information. Therefore if you are interested in commercial real estate for rent in Poland, prices and most optimal terms of cooperation with the lessor, we are happy to offer you the best options for consideration.

Apartments in Warsaw and other Polish cities 

Today, the variety and cost of residential property in Warsaw allows to acquire living quarters both for locals and foreigners on beneficial terms. If you have not still made up your mind concerning purchasing residential property in Warsaw, you will be able to choose the most interesting options of country houses, cottages, apartments and luxury city apartments, with the prospect of further moving with the assistance of Oruga Group experts.

Residential property can be sold and bought through the company Oruga Group only within the area of Warsaw. For all individual questions, please contact our managers. 


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