Company registration in Europe – benefits!

Today, lots of investors and entrepreneurs are heading towards Europe to launch their new business project due to numerous economic opportunities available in the EU. The European market creates the best suitable environment for business development and expenditure. At the same time, company registration in Europe does not take much time and can be easily carried out within the relatively short time frames. 

Before starting the EU company registry,its necessary to take into consideration all of the details while planning the strategy of your business plan.The registration process with all formalities may differ from country to another, but the basic steps remain the same. If you still have doubts about European company registration, maybe the list of benefits will sound convincing to you. The business formation on the territory of the European Union brings:

  • opportunity to build business relations inside of Schengen territory without any additional customs load on your business;
  • deposit insurance in case of bankruptcy;
  • active bank account in one of European banks, as well as the opportunity to get credit for business development;
  • opportunity to receive a permanent residence in the country where your EU company registration is completed;
  • healthy economy with wide opportunities for external investments;
  • access to the market with more than 500,000,000 potential customers.

Generally, the company register in the EU does not take more than 10 working days — excessive bureaucracy isn't typical for European company register. Talking about money, the cost of creating a new business formation on the territory of the EU is estimated at €400-3000, not much if compare to potential income rates. 

Ready to proceed with EU company register, consider the following requirements:

  • Passport copies or scans of all owners/co-founders of the business formation;
  • Official business-plan;
  • Copy or scan of diplomas of higher education;
  • Official name of the company registered in EU;
  • Registered address of the future company.

To register the business in Europe means you are ready to take a serious step in the direction of business development.The EU government encourages the investors and entrepreneurs to enter the European market. For that reason, the business policies are adjusted to the needs of the private sector. The government financial aids are mainly granted to national and foreign investors who direct their activities to the area of economic research. 

We hope, the above-mentioned information, was useful for you. Remember, the European Union countries have extremely high quality of life. The European market is extremely healthy and stable, so you most likely won’t have to worry about unexpected economic circumstances bringing loss to your business. All that makes company registration in Europe even more than just a desirable business solution.


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