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European companies. What are the advantages of running business in Europe and how to open a company in Europe?

It doesn't really matter whether you already have your own EU company or want to set up a new one — European countries are good choice for both of these. Let's talk about the advantages of the company formation in Europe. 

If you already have a business, based in the European Union, you probably know about how beneficial it is. It's very naturally for every business owner to expand it, because the bigger your business is, the more money you earn! The European Union single market with more than 500,000,000 potential customers offers everyone a perfect possibility, to make an existing business bigger and much more profitable. For example, if your company is registered in Poland and you want to set up a branch of it in Germany, you'll have to spend less than 3 days to do it. 

This advantage is also true for those who hasn't worked with European companies yet but wants to start. Usually, the company registration in Europe doesn't take more than 10 working days — excessive bureaucracy isn't typical for the European Union.  You can begin the EU company formation on Monday and it will be ready on Thursday at the latest. 

The other great advantage of creating a new business in Europe is that it doesn't usually cost too much. Talking about money, you'll usually need no more than €400-3000 to complete the EU company registration which means you don't need to be a rich person with deep pockets to become a European entrepreneur. 

Returning to reducing the amount of time needed for the European company formation, we shouldn't forget about the possibility to complete all the registration steps online. The experienced specialists of our company will help you in a remote mode so that you don't need to come to the office in order to use our company formation and registration service. 

So, why European Union? What are the advantages of formation a company here?

Those people who want to have a European company (register it or expand existing company, it doesn't matter), should understand that such registration can be very advantageous. It's not only very fast and cheap, it can also have some additional benefits for you as an entrepreneur and as a citizen.

But at first let's look at the economic situation the European Union offers to employers and their companies. In an era of crises, both economic and political, stability and balance is a vitally important thing.

And today we can safely say that the European countries are (together with the USA) the island of stability. It means that your company will definitely not have problems because of the governments' decisions or other circumstances beyond your control, you can be sure that you will never have any problems with your European-based company. 

The majority of the European Union countries have extremely high quality of life. Due to the clear and transparent immigration laws of the EU, you can move to every country of it without any problems. Moreover, if you are an owner of the European company, it's easier for you to become a citizen of the European Union!
It depends on the amount of money you will invest in your company (and in the EU economy), but all in all, you'll have a chance to become a citizen of the European Union. Sounds like a good prospect, doesn't it?

Another advantage is the above-mentioned single market of the EU. As a business owner, you will be given a duty-free access to all of the European countries, and it's a thing you can't ignore. You will also have a possibility to expand your business to every European country, and we can't imagine a businessman who will not be happy with such a perspective. And you?

Our specialists will gladly help you in registration and formation a company in the European Union. Limitless possibilities are available — you can seize all of them and become a European entrepreneur simply by making a call!


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