The cheapest investment visa in Europe

Interested in investment and want to get visa in Europe? If you are a newbie in investment we may recommend you to look at Poland as one of the easiest ways to get European visa and become the owner of Poland real estate or even company founder. Poland is integral part of EU for 14 years, and now it’s an attractive place for living and doing business. And it’s the perfect country to start your new life in EU

How does it work? 

First of all, you don’t need residence permit to buy real estate or to register company in Poland, any foreigner may do that. But to live in Poland and make business there you should have visa. And property or operating business is itself the reason for visa obtaining.  

Rules of obtaining EU investment visa

It is easy to make an investment in Poland and the conditions of business setting up or property purchasing are the same for all foreigners. Poland grants visa or temporary residence permit (permission to stay in Poland for 3 years) mainly for people who are:

  • going or continuing to work in Poland;
  • starting studies in Poland;
  • conducting business in Poland;

A temporary residence permit is a perfect solution for foreigners who are going to buy property or set up a company in Poland. And at the same time, not sure whether they ready to relocate to Poland or another European country forever. You may examine local life, people, living and business conditions, travel all over the EU and decide what you want.

Poland is a good choice for investment thanks to really the cheapest investor visa in Europe. There are a few reasons why Poland is so cheap for investment:

  • low costs of company formation;
  • low living costs;
  • not expensive but qualified workforce;
  • low taxes;
  • quick returns from investment;

In summary, Poland is the cheapest country among other EU members. And in addition, there are minimal requirements for investors, but vast opportunities for living, working and doing business. Any investment you’ll make likely to be profitable, so risks are minimal.

 If you are not a child of Polish citizens and not among vulnerable population groups, the most bargain way to immigrate to Poland is to get the temporary resident permit, and in 3 years you may apply for permanent permit or citizenship in Poland. 

Support with EU investor visa

As mentioned, an individual must have documented grounds to stay in Poland for more than 3 months. And business conducting is among that reasons. But to provide business activity in Poland you need a permit. To get out of this situation, we help our clients to make company formation in Poland by electronic registration form or by power of attorney. 

In any case, with the assistance of Oruga Group you have no need to go to Poland and do all paperwork because we take care about all legal issues and make investment visa obtaining fast and easy for you. In less than the 2 months, you may open a European company and relocate to Poland!


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