Foreign investment in Europe – how profitable?

Europe is the most promising investment space. Doing business in Europe is already 50% of success (assuming a normal indicator of the competitiveness of the enterprise). But, in addition to doing business, a new trend is gaining momentum in European countries – European invest. When it comes to the need to increase capital or the desire to make money work, the surest way is to invest. Of course, a spontaneous contribution to anything is likely to bring nothing but disappointment, because here it is necessary to develop a strategy, as in any other areas of the financial market.

Don't wait and invest in Europe now

It is worth starting with arguments in favor of such financial activities.

  • High level of return on investment.
  • Good guarantees (insurance in case of a failed investment project).
  • Possibility to enter the European market.
  • Prospects (we will discuss them further).

Forewarned is forearmed. Knowing all investment opportunities can be a good idea to increase the capital. Basically, the money turnover of the investment field is concentrated around promising start-UPS and real estate. Investing one or another has its own characteristics, which we will talk about a little later.

Let's find out what prospects do foreigners have for investing in Europe. Investors in Europe in various countries are often encouraged by local legislation. Thus, investing in the economy of any European country, investors expect a nice "bonus". Most often, such a bonus is a Visa for the investor. Most European countries have provided for such a moment in their legislation: a threshold amount of investment is set, exceeding which a foreign investor becomes a "trustworthy person" and he can be offered a residence Permit or business visa.

What are the investment opportunities in Europe?

We will highlight the main investment areas:

  • investment projects (start-UPS, emerging companies);
  • investment in real estate (acquisition of commercial or residential properties);
  • investment in the country's economy (in General, the previous paragraphs refer to investment in the economy, but here we are talking about direct investment through the purchase of government bonds).

European investors have a wide range of opportunities for profitable investment. The benefits are often not just financial.

Investing in projects through direct investment will provide an opportunity to take control of future operations, assets and activities. In other words – you can become a co-owner of a promising business, in addition to the usual profits from investments. Simple investment is also not the worst option, as it is a passive source of income in the form of dividends.

Investing in real estate is a little different. Buying property in European countries, you can not only make good money, but also to simplify the process of immigration. Buying a property is the basis for creating a business in Europe (from the standpoint of the legislation of most countries), which also facilitates doing business. The best real estate investments in Europe is the purchase of commercial properties.

The expediency of euro investing

Does it make sense to talk about the appropriateness of this type of investment in such conditions, when all the advantages have already been identified? In fact, investing is an art that requires an investor to be able to find information, analyze and compare facts. In other words, if you have the funds but never "make the money work", any project is likely to fail. But many investors in Europe have multiplied their capital without the above-mentioned skills, simply turning to companies that provide consulting services and act as an intermediary in a particular project. Today, it is enough to have a desire to strive for more and start-up capital, as well as at least approximately know where to invest the best today. Europe is certainly the best place to invest. To find your field of activity and a profitable object for investment you need to carefully study the European market. The easiest way would be to contact agencies specializing in investment in Europe. Thanks to them, you can save your time and effort.


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