Rent Commercial Space in Warsaw

One of the most significant buildings in Warsaw was sold for about €101 million.

This piece of property offers almost 30,000 sq m of rental space. 90% of it is already leased. The tenants are foreign firms from different sectors, the average lease terms are around 5 years. There are many facilities here such as a large gym, health center, and several restaurants.

A representative of the seller says: “We are honored to sell Spektrum Tower after we made a renovation. None of the renters left the building while we owned it. This means that the renovation was made on a high level”.

A representative of the buyer: “We are one of the biggest office investors on the Polish market. This is one more property piece which makes our positions on the market stronger. The value of our Polish portfolio is now more than €1.0 billion. We have almost 375,000 sq m property for lease”.

A representative of the real property consultancy service adds: “We are glad to close such a deal. Spektrum Tower is an illustration of a prime asset with a great location in the Polish capital. It provides an impressive value for money for the renters, especially considering the decreasing number of vacancies in the city center.”


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