Doing business in Poland

Doing business in Poland requires considerable effort, time and resources. You also need to be well-versed in Polish law before starting an official activity there. As experts in this niche, we have been registering and starting a business in Poland for over 10 years, and we have many cases of founding successful and high-quality companies. 

More than a hundred of our satisfied customers are now running successful businesses in Poland. The companies we create are already ready to trade and make any transactions. We have invaluable experience in this area, which is why we know where and how to speed up the process and reduce bureaucracy and formalities. Our main target audience is foreigners who want to have a business in Poland, but do not know where to start, or simply do not have enough time for it. At the same time, we help both individuals and legal entities.

The companies created by us in Poland fully comply with KRS, EU and PL VAT. At the same time, your company will immediately create a bank account in one of the banks in Poland. You will have access to it through an online banking platform that will have a user-friendly English interface. If necessary, we provide our clients with virtual offices.

Why use our services? 

  • Completely clean reputation, the company created from scratch;
  • The whole procedure is performed without the client having to visit Poland;
  • We adapt to almost any type of activity;
  • The company has all the accounts and is ready to make payments;
  • PL VAT (NIP), EU VAT & REGON compliance;
  • Bank accounts are available in all the currencies you need;
  • You choose the name of your company;
  • Preparation of financial statements;
  • Registration of the company's address on the territory of Poland or creation of a virtual office;
  • Advice on paying taxes and issuing shares;
  • Possibility of further changes of separate attributes of the company (name, address, shareholders, etc.);

We create companies with which, since their inception, you can create the following actions:

  • obtain licenses for certain activities
  • to take over other companies
  • enter the Polish market and start trading activities
  • trade in real estate
  • participate in auctions

A high quality
Our companies are created from scratch and have an unblemished reputation. The company has no obligations, and is ready to participate in trade processes. The companies we create and provide to our clients have all the necessary documents registered in accordance with local legislation and comply with all regulations. We adapt to our clients as much as possible and provide them with support.

Open company in Poland

We create companies of all types, which are provided by Polish law. In order to understand which company you need, we offer you to get acquainted with the features of different legal forms of doing business in Poland and compare them with the forms in other jurisdictions.

If you have a desire to create a company in Poland with a clean reputation, write to us. If you need a business in Poland urgently, make a request and we will send you a list of ready-made companies that we can sell to you as soon as possible.


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