Forms of Investment in Poland

We are offering you to get to know closer the opportunities, which we propose, for overstatement of your revenue Everyone knows that in the EU-countries investing in property is a much more profitable investment than a having a deposit in a bank, and often it is not just more profitable, but also more reliable, and ways on receiving a profit.

Popular forms of investment in Poland

The most popular forms of real estate investing are:

1. Acquisition of Property for Subsequent Lease;
2. Real Estate Investments at the stage of construction with the subsequent resale;
3. Investment Funds.

We offer you to come to know every form of investment separately.

1) Acquisition of real estate in Poland, with a view to subsequent lease.

Average earnings from investments in real estate in Poland when the lease is formed as follows: 

  • 4-5% average annual return from residential property, 
  • 8-10% average annual return from commercial property, 

Which in itself gives a good average result of cash flow.The issue of liquidity of real estate is relevant to all, so it's no secret that a good commercial premises in major Polish cities to buy is difficult, but possible. 

Also, it should be remembered, those foreign nationals, who are not EU-resident, can invest in an apartment without restrictions, however, for commercial premises (in case of registration for natural persons), this will require a permit for acquisition of immovable property issued by the Minister of Interior.

2) Real estate investments at the stage of construction with the subsequent resale.

Is it possible to earn more by investing in real estate in Poland? Yes, it is possible, having the professional support and making the right choice of projects. You can even earn 20% per annum, however the required investment earnings on the amount exceeding 400.000 EUR.

This result is difficult to achieve with weak knowledge of market and without constant monitoring, and not many builders offer the following capability of non-permanent customers. You will have a guarantee, for example, when signing the contract you deposit money on special bank account until the developer finish certain stages of development, as well as insurance guarantee of the developer in case of incomplete and untimely completion of investment. 

3) Investment funds in Poland

First of all, it should be noted, that in this article we will consider solely investment the funds engaged in investments in real estate in Poland and its subsequent management. This is a common form of investments and decomposition of risks in the whole Central and Western Europe. How is decomposition of risk actually going on?

The answer is very simple as a matter of fact, considering the number of investors - there is no need to invest a large amout immediately, because minimum contributions into investment funds start at 20,000 euros, in what the depositor is officially put into the company (as a shareholder/founder of) and he has a constant income proportional to invested means. A profit from these investments ranges from 8-15% depending on the amount invested and your chosen fund.

When you are purchasing stocks and shares of such enterprises on real property in Poland, you should keep in mind that in most cases it will be necessary to pass procedure of registration permission for purchase of shares and stakes issued by the Minister of Interior, the legislative period of issuance of the permit is 2 months.

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