The easiest European country to get permanent residency

To become an inhabitant in any of the European countries with a permanent residence permit, all aliens have to go through different procedures and meet the numerous requirement of registration authorities. And that is clearly warranted by the number of people who aim to immigrate to Europe. But there are some countries where the permanent residence permit obtaining is not so complex task.

Poland is the country where you can to get permanent residency very easy and living there is very comfortable.

Get European Union permanent residence in Poland

Most of the European countries are offering permanent residence for people who have lived in the country for some time and have a property, a job and deposits in a bank. But you may also find a country where you can easily immigrate or obtain a residence permit for a living and a working. For example, Poland has all conditions for the aliens to live successfully. It also provides affordable requirements for permanent residence obtaining.

Thus, you don’t have to live there for many years and have a million dollars in your bank account. Poland provides permanent residence for people who:

  • have parents or grandparents who are Poles by origin or gained Polish citizenship or permanent residence,
  • married for Poland citizen for 3 years minimum and have lived in the country at least for 2 years uninterruptedly,
  • lived and work in Poland for 5 years, and have a stable source of income and real estate.

Actually, the last conditions are the simplest way for aliens to get permanent residence in Europe. You have to do a few steps:

  1. Move to Poland and find there a job or get residency by an investment there. The best way to invest in Poland is to buy a Polish real property or to establish a company. The might become Polish investor faster if you’ll buy a ready-made company there. Any of those actions (obtaining any of work, business, investment or study) is an affordable reason for living in the country.
  2. Apply for the Temporary residence permit (karta pobytu). It allows you to stay in Poland for 3 years.
  3. Since you have lived in Poland for 5 years (or made a real family with Pole) you can apply for permanent residence.

The process is very simple and Poland is very prospective country, actually, it’s one of the leaders in EU investment rating.

Easy European Union residence permit gaining

The living costs are quite cheap in Poland, but opportunities are really ample. Thus, you can easily settle there and do prosperous business in this country. And our team of professionals can help you to do the paperwork and immigrate to Poland.

Contact us for easy and comfortable immigration to Poland!


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