The best European country to invest in property 

While some European countries are recovering from economic crisis, others are inviting people who interested in where to invest in property in Europe, and give them the numerable opportunities for their money grow. Not all the countries which leaders report about prospective investment environment are really ready for giving investors the adequate return on investment and provide minimal risks for their money.  

By a set of economic indicators, many analysts consider Poland as the best place to invest in property in Europe. Thus, Ernst & Young, one of the most authoritative accounting firms rate Poland at the 5th level among the most investment attracting EU countries and even 1st among countries of Eastern Europe (for more details read “Top 20 destination countries by FDI projects” in 2017).

If you want to purchase efficient and profitable assets, therefore, explore the Polish real estate market and provide sustainable incomes on your investment.

Opportunities for Euro property investments 

Poland hardly the country that came to your mind first when you think about investment. But today Germany, France or UK that traditionally were on the top of European property investment market feel heavy competition from Poland.

If you are going to stay in Poland for a long time, even obtain a residence permit or receive Polish citizenship then comfortable flat in one of the Polish cities are the perfect decision. Polish Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk are among the best European cities to invest in property. 

And no wonder that Poland cities are so popular for investment in realty: Poland property has the numerous benefits for its owner:

  • Political stability and economy growth. When you purchase a flat in Poland, you can be sure that nobody will take it back and your property’s price will increase year by year. Thus, your investment into the real property will be profitable anyway. And if some time later you’ll decide to sell it, you’ll get the profit.
  • The price. The house-price-to-income ratio is 9.77 in Poland, and that’s one of the lowest indicators in the world. And this ratio is better than in neighbor countries. This value of the indicator means that housing costs are really affordable and you may easily buy an apartment if earn money in Poland. For example, you may find a one-room flat in the capital of Poland that costs 40-50 thousand euros.
  • Grounds for residence permit obtaining. Poland doesn’t support CIP (citizenship by investment) or RIP a (residency by investment) program that means realty ownership is not directly granting you a residency in Poland. But, among other things, this might be the reason to stay in the country and a required condition for permanent residence permit gaining.

There are no obstacles for foreigners to buy housing (flat, apartment and garage) in Poland. But to buy a house or piece of land an alien must receive the special permit from the Polish Ministry of the Interior.

Assistance to property investor in Europe

Poland is the country where people obey the law. But even there not all realty agents and property sellers are trustworthy. To avoid possible troubles and scums we advise you to appeal to professionals. Lawyers of Oruga Group team have great experience in specificities in the Polish legal system, particularly in the real estate transactions.

To make your purchase in Poland really the best property investment in Europe, we provide the next legal services:

  • search an appropriate real property for you, according to your preferences;
  • perform a comprehensive and independent audit of the chosen object;
  • provide consultations and negotiations;
  • prepare all required documents and provide legal advisory service of an agreement.

We represent your interests in all stages of purchasing and guarantee the legitimacy of all legal procedures.

Contact our consultants for a dependable result!


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