Buy property in Europe at affordable prices

The European property market is significantly different from the domestic, and many compatriots still consider the acquisition of real estate in Europe something exotic and unattainable. And now we will not talk about expensive mansions and houses by the sea, and tell how realistic it is to buy a house in Europe today.

Each country has its own price threshold. Among the most popular countries are Italy, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria and Cyprus. Housing prices in these countries start from about 30 thousand euros. Basically, with this amount on hand, you can expect to purchase a Studio or one-room apartment with a small area. And, for example, in France or the UK the threshold of real estate prices is 100-300 thousand euros.

Where to buy property in Europe

Continuing the theme of popular countries, most of the compatriots want to buy real estate in Bulgaria and Spain. Good location and excellent climate are the key factors in choosing these countries. But of course, the most important reason is the price of real estate in the local market segment. In part, real estate is acquired because of the possibility of obtaining a residence permit, as well as an alternative source of income. And yet there is time to buy cheap real estate in Spain, until a new law is introduced, which will establish a threshold for housing prices, at which foreigners will be able to issue a residence permit – 160 thousand euros. Also in Spain there is a residence permit, which will not allow foreigners to officially find a job and at the same time does not prohibit opening a business in the country.

Where is the best place to buy property in Europe? This issue is starting to worry more and more people for various reasons (political, economic, etc.). We will highlight several of the countries in which it is more likely to buy homes, not having spent all his savings.

  • Spain
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands

Hungary is the most likely option. In Hungary, it is relatively easy to obtain a residence permit. In addition, this country has some of the lowest real estate prices in Europe. Of course, the legislation of each country has its own nuances regarding the acquisition of property and residence, but this can help any real estate Agency.

For those who have a tidy sum and are ready to invest in foreign real estate, too, provided many options. Norway, one of the most economically developed countries, offers the highest level of wages in Europe and some best living conditions. This is the best place to buy property in Europe. Contrary to popular belief, Germany is not in the list of countries that welcome foreigners with open arms, but the first – class real estate and income level-good incentives to choose this country for permanent residence.

How to buy property in Europe

The main criterion for the purchase of housing-a residence permit with all the consequences. Price is a minor issue but also important. But where to buy a property to remain satisfied. Let's start with the fact that in any European country the laws are written for people, which means that the risks associated with the purchase of housing are minimized.

A classic situation where money is invested in developers. Square meters are cheaper, and in a couple of years the housing will be ready for commissioning. In Europe, this practice is widespread, and the investor is insured against any risks, while in our country you can only rely on the honesty of the developer. Therefore, in this case, a huge opportunity opens up for the investor and the only thing that interests him –– it's the best value property in Europe.

So, let's highlight a few ways to buy real estate:

  • getting a mortgage;
  • investment in construction / developer;
  • classical contract of purchase and sale.

The most important thing is timely payment. Any delay in money transfers makes the transaction invalid and your reputation deteriorates rapidly, as a result of which sellers can refuse to cooperate with you.

Property prices in Europe

Let's define the price threshold for real estate in different parts of Europe:

  • from 25 thousand euros;
  • from 40 thousand euros;
  • from 100 thousand euros.

The best place to buy property in Europe in terms of the lowest prices – Bulgaria and Poland. Today, the highest prices for property in France and Britain.

Therefore, before you start looking for housing, you need to determine the goals for which you need real estate (permanent residence, residence permit or income from renting) and the price range. It is not recommended to search for a person who is ready to sell an apartment and sign a contract. Any European real estate Agency will be able to advise you on all the nuances of the transaction, and will accompany throughout the process of buying and selling real estate.


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